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22 October 2020

A Blessed Life

Another month has quickly passed again. We have become more adventurous recently (not too much), hitting up Target or CVS on occasion. Usually we know what we're looking for and basically 'hit it and get it' and quickly get out again.

Several weeks ago Danny took the dog to the vet recently and 2 days later we got an email saying someone there had tested positive for Covid. We kept to ourselves for the next 2 weeks. I had to sing on Sunday morning but I entered the building by a separate door, stayed in the hall, masked and alone, until it was time to sing and then entered the room far from anyone else and sang from widely spaced music stands. I made a beeline to the back door again after finishing and no one was close to me at all. I even wiped down the door knobs and anything else I touched, just in case. It was so weird, feeling like a leper. And I hadn't even gone to the vet's office! But we all played it safe and nothing came of it I'm happy to say.

My morning walks in the cool fresh air have really become the highlight of my days. I love seeing what God has in store for me with each new sunrise, each more more beautiful than the last and each one unique. God is truly a master artist!

I've been crocheting a lot, working on a Crochet Club blanket. We've finished our blocks and now the project is all laid out on my kitchen table, ready to be joined together.

I'm finally finishing up a client's genealogy research. I really do love helping people by researching. It's like putting a puzzle together and not knowing what it looks like before you start. On this particular case the client didn't know who her real grandmother was since her mother had been raised by a step-mother. It was a piece of cake as I was able to find out everything and then some!

All the corn is picked around our house now so we can see up and down the road. We get good breezes again and that makes the falling tree leaves look like an Autumn version of snow. I like it because the turning colors are so beautiful but don't like it because it means soon the trees will be bare and it will get cold again.

Other than that things are fairly 'same old, same old' around here. It sound boring I'm sure, but it's the life God chose for me and He doesn't make mistakes so I reckon things are going well enough. Got no real complaints and feeling pretty good. Got enough to eat (probably too much) and a good bed to sleep in. What more could you need but a blessed life?!