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16 January 2021

Simple Life

I just left Twitter, cancelling an account I've had for over 10 years. It's just about all political on there now and I'm not one for getting in debates with people. Everyone has their spin on things and how the world is playing out. I hate that people I don't even know (like those in DC) are impacting my life so much. Seems like discussions and media are packed with nothing else. I prefer to focus on Jesus and His affect in my life, just saying. Like most folks, I have room to grow as a person and a need to change myself. I want to try to fulfill God's purpose in me and even if I don't exactly know what that is, I try to keep myself available to hear His gentle whispers to me. You won't ever hear Him if you don't listen for it.

I think I would leave Facebook too if it weren't for the pages and groups that I run. I really don't have much to say anymore and my simple life is far from exciting enough to share. Since Covid it's even a bit duller, but it's the life that God chose for me and I guess it's OK with me if it's OK with Him.

I admit I get jealous sometimes when I see people going places and doing things so much. But when I do get to go and do it is all the more precious and things on a smaller, more mundane scale do give me pleasure. This morning I was thrilled to see thousands of blackbirds starting their migration gatherings. They flew for at least 20 minutes, flying real low through my back yard. Huge flocks just kept coming, over and over! I don't know how one could say this was a blessing but I thought it was. It just seems miraculous that God designed them and made them all know at the same time where to go and how to fly synchronized like that! Amazing! But then again, I like simple, right?

Yesterday we got to go out for a rare change when we met my youngest daughter for lunch to celebrate her birthday which was the day before. Because she just got married 3 weeks ago and is getting ready to move to Atlanta for her job we had much to talk about. She is a talkative quick-witted ball of fire with a mind like a steel trap and just a fun person to be around. (Both my girls are - no brag, just fact)! This was such a blessing to me because I don't know when I'll next get to see her for another birthday.

Danny surprised me by making brownies last night. That's a super special blessing in simple form that I can really get my teeth into! And check out this simple delight that just landed outside my window. Life is full of blessings if you just look and listen for them! Wishing you a blessed year full of surprises!