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01 April 2021

And Then There Was March

Gosh! I missed March entirely! The best thing about March was that we both finally got our Covid shots! We had the Pfizer shots and absolutely no reactions whatsoever. Activity-wise, other than the shots, we pretty much did the same things we've always been doing - just chilling around the house.

Danny's been working on various projects outside as the weather has warmed, like fixing a boat trailer and cleaning out the shop. A sudden appearance of an ABS light on the truck caused a flurry of activity but I think that's on the mend now and moods are much better around here because of it ;)

I've enjoyed watching nature do it's Spring thing. This year our flowering trees were stunning! Yellow daffodils ran across the back of the yard and have even gotten into the woods now. The red Camellia was loaded to the gills this year too. The color combinations simply took my breath away! God has blessed us with a very peaceful back yard! 

Lindsey gave me a bag of gladiola bulbs from her house, saying I'd better get them while I could since she's moving to Atlanta soon. I'm happy to say that we have at least 30 bulbs that are coming up! I can't wait to see them in full color!

My walking was going well for a good while. I was doing just over 3 miles a day, but noticed that since beginning in September, my foot that was previously injured in a stair fall in February 2019 was getting worse each day. So I started lowering my daily walking goal and now have a doable 2 miles per day to aim for. I was afraid if I just stopped entirely I'd never get "back in the groove." I was finally able to get an x-ray and now have a lace-up boot on my foot. I'll see the surgeon again in a month to check progress. Originally I'd thought my foot would get better on it's own so I delayed mentioning it to my doctor. Then when I finally did he just said go see an orthopedic doctor. By then Mom was sick and shortly after she passed we went into Covid lock downs. But at least I now know it wasn't broken all this time!

My Florida daughter has finally visited us. Missy was getting so homesick. She usually comes in every 6-8 weeks or so and it's been a struggle for all of us not being able to see her. One of the first things we did when she arrived was "do Christmas!" Among other gifts, I'd made her a hat and scarf which she promptly put on! That's my crazy girl, alright!

I snagged a few more novels during a quick visit to the thrift store again. I feel so much better when I have a book to read. Kids who never pick up an actual book and only read from a screen don't know what they are missing! I think I'll be in good shape for a while as Spring turns into Summer. I enjoy reading out on my back deck with the birds singing in the background.

I've also been working on genealogy projects. In January I finally bit the bullet and bought the 2019 version of Family Tree Maker. What a difference it is from my 2009 version; it was a slight learning curve, but fairly easy to transition. I use both version now - the old one because it's easier for me to maneuver through the families and the newer one for the reports and lists it generates. It's a nice blend.

I almost forgot... we were recently visited by a bear one night! We didn't see him but he'd left his calling card in the yard by the next morning. Apparently he's not small either! We've been putting the game camera out to see if he comes again, but so far all we've managed to see is a stray cat. Needless to say, I don't do much walking that is too far from the house anymore. Oh well. Life is a challenge, right?