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02 June 2021

A Little Heap of Hodgepodge

 I was sharing photos with my daughter and thought I should be posting, so here I am.

First my garden

We had despaired that cabbage and broccoli would grow much because it was already getting hot outside when we bought it. Every time cool weather came we were thankful.The plants have actually done well.

Next we whacked limbs from under another cedar tree:

It seems so strange to see under it. There were remnants of at least 4 bird nest under there! We waited until we were sure no one was "at home" before starting this project. Glad to say all the nests were old and no longer used.

Since Abby hurt herself a few weeks ago we've been trying to keep her as still as possible. We're hoping she will heal rather than need surgery. At her age it probably wouldn't be a good thing. She's already so much better!

We have to walk her on a leash and She's definitely not a fan of just walking and not running around, climbing stairs or jumping on the bed.

Last of all my little skinks are always on the lookout for bitty bugs and other tiny critters. Apparently under the porch post is a good place to hang out!

We have both the brown looking ones as well as the blue-tails. I am not scared of them, but I do jump out of my skin sometimes (especially if one gets inside the front door) and startles me!