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10 February 2023

Living Blessed

 Let's see what's happened this year. My knee has gotten worse, but I finally got an appointment for knee replacement surgery. It just sucks that the doctor is taking a month off in February. I've never had to wait so long for a surgery before! You know, it hard to use ice on your body when it's winter. Just saying.

Danny is still plodding along with getting his dad's estate paperwork done. I think the last big hurdle will be getting those taxes done. The man was a high-end company vice president in his day and he had a lot of grand investments to deal with. With that said we just kind of look at everything as a bunch of boxes of paperwork that's, more often than not, in the way.

Church is being church. Fairly normal with all the intricacies of a loving, tight-knit family with a few moments of drama thrown in to make sure we keep relying on our God who made us all. (I must say I love all my adopted moms, grand-moms and brothers and sisters out there). We have had a lot of new people over the last few months. I don't get to move around and meet everyone like I wish (that knee thing again), but hopefully soon.

When we took down the old tomato vines last fall we found a few plants that had come up. About 2 inches tall we brought them into the house to see how they'd fair over winter. I totally expected them to keel over, but they have grown to about 18 inches now. They look pretty ragged right now because we set them on the deck during a sunny moment and the wind changed without us realizing it. You get the idea!

I recently had another birthday. It was so very cold that day, being less than 30° that we didn't leave the house. Danny went shopping the day before and had gotten me a dozen roses which were beautiful, along with a lovely card to go with them. On my special day he made one of my favorite lunches - an open-faced turkey sandwich with mashed potatoes and gravy. Hey, you've got to eat, right?! Beyond that I received a lot of birthday wishes from Facebook friends which always surprises me because I'm stunned to think anyone would care. And at church the day after my birthday my pastor busted me to the congregation and they all sang happy birthday to me. that's one of those things where you feel rather good while you want to crawl into a hole. I chose to feel good and still do. My family birthday meal is yet to come... I'm waiting for a nice day to venture down to Coinjock Marina which should be very soon!

So to all intents and purposes I've just started my own new year. Once my knee gets fixed and healed I'll be rearing to go again! I hope everyone else has a great year in store for them! Here's to living blessed!