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28 March 2023

My Collection of Sticks

I hadn't ever thought to have a collection like this. Unfortunately, over the years I've accumulated an abundance of canes. Even more unfortunate is that I've had too many occasions to use them.

Some were inherited. Several were gifts. Others we found at thrift stores, and one I had to buy at a flea market because I'd forgotten mine and was desperate. They are all very special...

The tan one above came from a little vintage shop near Manhattan, KS on the way home from Colorado one time. It has a lot of carving on it.
The hummingbird is a favorite, but I can't use it everywhere. His snout breaks too easily. As you can see it sporting tape since glue wasn't enough.

My rabbit cane was hand made by Dave Overstreet. His gift is extra special and was a surprise when I received it. He stamped leaves on sides and even scribed my name down the front!

One of the two  adjustable collapsible canes was Mom's. The other was a thrift store need when my body gave out. Too much shopping! The green headed one isn't pretty, but is very sturdy. Works good outside. It was my desperate purchase at a flea market in Florida.

This is my very own authentic Shillelagh Walking Stick! My father-in-law brought it to me from Ireland. It's a bit too tall, but I don't want to trim it in case Danny ever needs one. (All of mine are short).

My two generic wood canes are the workhorses of my group. The light one is my everyday go-to. I love the history the dark one shows of how much it's been used from the wear on the curve.

This has been my view for way too long!
Hopefully my new knee will make this a thing of the past!