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22 July 2023

It's a Progressive Life

 It's been quite a while since my last update. However, not too much has changed as far as my weekly activities which includes therapy, reading, crocheting and genealogy research.

I am now in the final stages of therapy for my new knee. I have always enjoyed doing therapy, probably because to exercise on my own means I'll probably cause more problems than I've had to endure over the last 23 years. It's nice having a therapist to guide me. I've always pushed myself to go the extra mile and knee therapy has been no exception. I must say this time has been a lot harder with many a tear shed. I've been leg pressing 125 pounds and have even done 110 on my "bad" leg alone! I've had to stand up, sit down, stand up, sit down so many times it's crazy! But all the work is paying off. I'm stronger now. I've noticed where muscles had seemed to be atrophying are now back and the hollow places are gone. Every time we leave the house I'm working on conquering those steps. Going up is way better than going down LOL! But I'm doing it!

I am still reading my historical romances every day. I love using Library Thing to keep track of books read. I recently finished a couple in a sequence from early 1800s England and this week I'm reading one that takes place after the civil war. The hero is keeping a promise to a fellow prison camp friend who asked him to care for his wife and child as he was dying after a beating by a camp guard. It's one of my shorter books, but it's going to get a 5-star rating from me; it's really good!

Before my surgery a friend who works for my chiropractor gave me about 12 giant skeins of baby yarn. During my recuperation I've been crocheting daily, and am now finishing up the last baby blanket for a local hospital. I previously took her seven to deliver to Leigh Memorial. This time I will have four more using her yarn plus what I make from my yarn.

My genealogy work is progressing nicely. I've spent the better part of the summer  going through every item that has used "The Heritage of Currituck County North Carolina" by the Albemarle Genealogical Society, for a resource.  I'm changing the book resource to an actual reference such as a census, or marriage, birth or death certificate. I used that book years ago when I started my family quest. I had about 900 references to the book and it's down to 265 right now. I still have a ways to go! I have over 10,000 names in my family file!

Meanwhile, we finally got our deck renovation started. It's going to be awesome when our guy Arlan get's finished. It's been so hot that he's only been able to work mornings, even with an air conditioned break room at his disposal! I had thought the boards would be taken off whole, but he cuts across them into 1-foot sections. Danny has been grabbing boards that aren't in bad shape so he can build some planter boxes later.

I'm very excited about new planter boxes. I can't really get on my knees anymore to work low to the ground anymore! Plus we'll have a plenty of stuff to burn over Christmas holidays when the kids are home. We all love burning and sipping!

The garden is doing really well. You may remember that we over-wintered 4 seedlings from last year. They've done so well, along with the two that Danny bought with his beloved okra and basil. The fig that struggled for years in our front yard is doing great in it's 2nd year in a pot! The peppers are on the side of the house. I'm not too sure about those. We're getting peppers but one set of plants is about 2-foot tall while the other set is about 8 inches. I don't think it's a variety thing. He has a few okra over there too and they're not even close in size to the ones by the greenhouse. Itty bitty things! Perhaps they need my touch... I hate being a spectator!

While I've been out I have continued to do my church jobs except for making the bulletins. Thank you Jennifer for taking this over for me! The church year is almost up and I'm ready to turn the rest of my jobs over to the next workers. I've enjoyed serving God and my church community over the years and wanted to stop last year except I was talked into going one more year. I guess God had a plan and everything coincided with my surgery/recovery. Because a 2nd knee surgery is in my future (who knows when), I thought it best to let my jobs go now. I was so sad for a while about having to let everything go, but now I'm excited to see what God has next for me. Plus, it will be a relief to not have so many church emails and notices showing up in my inbox! To prepare, I've changed from using my email to a church email and changed websites from my user name to the church's name. I'm clearing the slate! And the church will progress with new people at the helm. It's win-win.

I'm so grateful to those friends who have kept in contact with me throughout my recovery. I cannot express how much it has meant to me over the past few months. I love you all!!