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06 December 2018

Playing Catch Up

It seems like a lot has happened since my last post so I'll play catch up today. Mom's birthday was the last thing I posted about. Thanksgiving was after that. We hosted the family dinner again this year with everyone except Melissa and her husband. They were enjoying a fabulous Hawaiian Thanksgiving vacation with his entire family. So instead of turkey they had pork at a real luau! Now really, if you had the choice what would you do? Yeah, me too! So we enjoyed turkey instead!

As a followup to the Cox tearing up the yard debacle they finally at long last came out and repaired the yard. Now we just have to wait and see what grows up in the spring.

Preparing for various events at church has kept me busy. Besides creating weekly bulletins and specialty fliers I've been involved with meetings (and taking minutes), crocheting for church projects with the Crochet Club, directing and singing with the Joyful Noise Choir rehearse for a Christmas presentation, and practicing on my piano for Sunday services.

I must admit that on Youth Sunday last week I saw an opportunity to simply take a rare break since I wasn't participating in any way. I'd already seen the kids' rehearsals and knew what was coming (they were awesome, by the way) so Danny and I headed south to the Outer Banks for a day of doing nothing. We ended up at a craft show at the local high school, perusing the goods at the Manteo Christmas Store (one of my all time favorite places), and having a super Frog Island seafood afternoon lunch on our way back home. It's always amazing to simply drive down Nags Head, Kitty Hawk and the rest to see the changes that have occurred since our last visit. I rather miss the old days with less high-rise apartments, preferring the simple small shingled-side beach cottages. The few remaining look positively tiny sitting next to the modern giant "rent me" places!

We've managed to put up and decorate the Christmas tree in record time (compared to last year) and I've been down-sizing old beat-up ornaments and things we don't use anymore. It's time to send them to the thrift store and see if someone else will give them a new home. I sit in darkened living room the evenings and look at my lovely little tree and wonder if I will ever truly get used to a pencil tree instead of the larger traditional tree. But then I remember how much simpler it was to decorate and I'm over it in a moment, a twinkling of an eye! ;)

I waited until December to start watching the holiday movies and DIY Christmas crafts and other seasonal goodies. I just think Thanksgiving deserves its own moment of time. We had a lovely Thanksgiving service this year with time for digging deep to thank God for all He's done for us. When people share their own thanks tributes I find I'm not always alone in trials and tribulations that I've experienced and am grateful for divine intervention. So I'm thankful for Thanksgiving too.

Christmas is around the corner. We don't have as much shopping to do so the stress level is down. Our family decided to for-go gift giving for the most part, although I think everyone is actually freer to do things from a "want to" perspective rather than a "have-to" view. Besides being with family I am most looking forward to the Christmas Eve Candlelight Service. That's where the real Christmas is, not department stores and Walmart and Amazon! As I get older it really is more about Jesus and His life on earth and the back story of why He came at all. I love that! I wish everyone could take an opportune moment to really think about it. Wouldn't the world see some changes then?!

15 November 2018

It Worked

I must say, posting our dilemma online worked. I heard from Cox within minutes, not just once but from three different people! Finally I got several phone calls and I now have the name and number of a Cox contact should anything go amiss.

We are experiencing a delay in physical response, but unfortunately we learned from the landscaper himself that there was a death in his family the day before he called. We told him to take his time since we've had the problem for so long now anyway. The funeral is this Friday. Thanksgiving is the following week. So we're not sure when we'll actually get the problem taken care of, but feel like things are now on track. Meanwhile the frost has killed a lot of the weeds that had become so high.

Blowing out the candle
Last week was very busy. She doesn't look it, but Mom turned 92 (can you believe it?) and our whole family got together to celebrate, including my kids from FL. Mom loves seafood so we had a grand gathering at the Surf Rider restaurant on Sunday night. Then on Monday the "girls" from the Happy Hour Gang took her out to the Lucky Oyster. I believe she's up for one more seafood excursion before the week is over! If fish is good for you, then she should be in top-notch shape for a good while!

By-the-way, the Happy Hour Gang is a group of folks who have been meeting on Friday evenings at the hunt club/poker house for years. It started when people would see Daddy out by the barn and stop by on their way home after work. They'd sit a spell and have a Coca Cola together and some chips or crackers. From there it evolved into more folks arriving at the same time with occasional hot dogs or leftover BBQ. Later everyone just brought food and stayed a while; sometimes it's pizza, or a big pot of soup, fried chicken or a casserole. It's always a true pot-luck event with a lot of fun for everybody!

Now it's time for Thanksgiving again. Last year was the first time we hosted the family, after years of doing Christmas dinners. And while getting ready for this event I'm involved with learning to play and sing music in preparation for the evening Thanksgiving service at church.

As mentioned, the weather has turned off with our first frost this past week. Rain and winds are knocking all the remaining autumn leaves out of the picture and it's time for soup, hot chocolate and crocheting in my pj's. I've been working on a blanket with a neighbor. We've made all 30 blocks and now I'm putting them together. I can't wait for the finished product!

08 November 2018

Cox Has Our Frustration And Anger

We have been dealing with trying to get our yard fixed since July 26 when a Cox truck got stuck in our yard. They were supposed to call before they came to fix our cable, but they didn’t. If they had we would have told them to turn around instead of backing.

So they finally sent someone, after many phone calls, to fill in the long trench they dug out. They added soil, smoothed it out and planted grass seed. Sounds good, right? Except it wasn’t grass seed! It was weeds! Hog Weed and Wild Mustard for the most part.


Getting them to return has been a nightmare! No one returns calls except a lady the Danny found in the Atlanta office! I can't tell you how many days we've spent waiting for call backs from local contractors, sub-contractors, Cox supervisors, even the Cox tech who backed the truck up and started the whole mess! I’m afraid it is fast approaching to the point that we will be contacting a lawyer and see if he can get this resolved.

Meanwhile, I pick mustard blossoms to prevent this invasive plant from spreading to the rest of my yard and hope they get this fixed before the Hog Weeds get large!
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20 October 2018

Travels Few

In 2011 Hubster and I went to Edenton NC for a weekend at the Captain's Quarters bed and breakfast. We simply ran away from home for a few days of nothing to do or worry about. It was wonderful!

Within a month we adopted Abby, our little rescue dog, We were now tethered to home while enjoying our new family member, but all the talk during our Edenton stay, about taking weekend vacations every few months became null and void.

In November 2012 Hubster and Abby and I went to Florida. Abby loves to ride so we found a pet-friendly hotel close to our destination and Abby slept in her cage while we enjoyed Thanksgiving with my daughter and her extended Florida family.

In June 2014 we adopted Toby, Abby's BFF. They are so cute together, but as much as Abby loves to ride Toby frantically hates it. So traveling with our fur babies was curtailed significantly.

In October 2014 I went to Florida for a weekend visit, this time flying with mom, my other daughter and sister-in-law on a grand girls-day-out trip. Hubster stayed home with the furry ones.

Flagler Beach
Then my health issues caused a big drop in ventures. We rode to Nags Head for a few hours and visited Oriental twice, but all of these were one-day events. Recently, with back and knee surgeries accomplished and significantly healed, I felt like I could start to do a few things again.

View from Chowder Ted's restaurant
So for our anniversary and his birthday we headed south again a couple of weeks ago, taking several days to drive down. Alas, Hubster decided that visiting Charleston or Savannah was out. (Apparently he thinks that all the criminals are just waiting for us to arrive).

A visit to daughter's workplace
Just passing through the palms
We stayed in a couple of small towns and I must say I enjoy eating at mom-and-pop places, meeting quite a few harmless characters along the way. I admit I was a little worried when the lady at the next table discovered that I'd gotten the last piece of chocolate pie when she'd been told there wasn't any. I enjoyed buffet night at the main diner of one place and that highly recommended but extremely questionable-looking bar/Mexican eatery proved that you can't judge a book by the cover - the food was outrageously good!
On the boardwalk

We were able to stay one night in St. Augustine, which I absolutely love. I visited there once in 1972. While there I did a test walk to see how far I could go since my surgeries. I did well, going in a three-block square before feeling the tightness in my back and legs. I did better than I'd thought but not as good as I'd wanted to. But at least it let me know my limits.

I'm not really sure, just saying.
We had a wonderful time at my daughter's 1910 home, enjoying the quaint town they live in, and seeing all the sights. Her in-laws had us over for a birthday dinner for Hubster and everyone had such a marvelous time together.

And although folks said it was not as hot as usual I did find it extremely hot and humid, reminding them that overweight people do not do hot well. We visited the remains of The Senator, which had been the oldest and largest Cypress tree in FL until a drug user accidentally burned it down in 2012. We walked on board walks through the jungle-like woods until a sudden storm popped up and we had to dash back to the car. I did pretty good doing that short power walk! We laughed and waited for our hair to fuzz out like dandelions!

Now that I'm back home I feel better. You know you can get stuck at home for too long. Things were becoming overwhelming. Now I have a freshness that I hope will last a while. Hubster has promised that we will do a little more traveling in the coming years. I sure hope so. There's a lot I haven't seen yet!

02 October 2018

A Reading Summer

I did a lot of reading over the summer. Sometimes it's even better than in the winter! I love reading on the deck with the birds chirping for background music! I must say there is nothing like a good book to take you away, letting your imagination paint the image in your mind from the printed words of a good author.

I will always be a historic romance reader. I love tales from by-gone eras. I love no phones or computers or even cars in the stories I read. I've especially enjoyed the Julia Quinn books this go 'round. Characters and places have been tied together from book to book and it really helps me to remember things I'd read months ago. I'm usually one of those people who read, enjoy, finish and it's done - gone from memory, to move to the next and the next.

I hooked up with LibraryThing and really like it. I didn't want to do the GoodReads for all the bells and whistles I don't need. LT is so simple to use and is just a collection of my books so I don't re-purchase one I've read when I'm at the thrift store! Guess it's time for this set of books to head back for others to read and enjoy!