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12 March 2019

Springing Along

Finally a moment to spare. I don't know how my life gets so busy. I recently had a computer built at Providence Computers. I just couldn't find what I wanted on a shelf anywhere. I wanted more speed, more storage, more ports on the front instead of the back, and room for a pony 4-option smart card reader that would accommodate an old style card (luckily I had a new-in-box one they installed for me). The closest I could find ready made was a gaming computer, but most of those don't even have a DVD/CD drive or card reader and no place to put any.This past week I've been transferring data from my old computer to my new one.

It had been eight years since my last new computer and going through the transfer process so I also did a little purging and updating. I always love that 'fresh start' feeling! I'm almost finished but will keep the old system a bit longer for some comparison work before I let it go.

Meanwhile I've been concentrating on learning the new choir music. A director has to know the songs inside and out before the choir even meets to start rehearsals. I don't think I'll ever be as good as I think I should be, or wish I could be. But hopefully I can start and stop everyone at the same time and on time. I guess if the ship goes down we will be together! Because our choir is small I need to sing along... that's often difficult to sing alto, think melody, and wave my arms around in time to the music. I fear I look a wee bit spastic sometimes, but laughter is good medicine I guess... we'll have a good time if nothing else!

The daffodils are stunning along my woods edge. I'm amazed how many have spread inside the woods this year. When I took the dogs out this morning I spied a fox a little ways in; that just made everything glorious!

My father-in-law is on his way to Israel today. His first plane was over 4 hours leaving, then the next was 45 minutes late. I'm hopeful he'll get there. What a dream come true for our 95-year-old!! He's a doer, I'll say that!!

I'm trying to modify my eating habits and you know how that can make you cranky! I'm missing my ice cream and yogurt is just not cutting it. I don't have time for cranky, when I'm trying to also be ever mindful of my "spirit of peace." They just don't mix! On the plus side, increasing my exercise may get a bit easier now that the sun has finally decided to shine again! With my forced sedentary life style while in recovery mode over the last couple of years I'd say prayers of encouragement are definitely appreciated!

25 February 2019

At the Start

What a way to start my new year! After a wonderful time in Florida I've been recuperating from that fall on the stairs and dealing with a sore throat that flipped into sinus/headaches. Much better now, I have a lingering dry cough but that's probably just the Tidewater Crud. You know what I mean if you live here. It stays for about 6 weeks, enough to be annoying. Guess it could be worse...

My dear friend has been dealing with cancer and I'm happy to think that surgery has been successful and everything will be fine once chemo is finished. Prayers can certainly go along way to aiding any doctor, so mine will continue until the final (positive) verdict is out.

Now that I'm better, this weekend my Florida gal came up and my family was able to finally celebrate my birthday (only 3 weeks late)! We had the most awesome time having lunch at my favorite Shiki, Sushi, and Hibachi restaurant.  I always have a great time at that place and the food is so good! Everyone came except my Florida son-in-law.

I'm looking forward to the church choir's Palm Sunday Easter musical. We chose "At the Cross," with some rather peppy songs included that tell the important story of how and why Jesus died for us. When I first heard the music I thought only about the ease or difficulty of the music itself, but as I learned the words the message became front and center. It actually moved me to tears! If that message reaches just one other person it will all be worth the time and effort to pull this presentation together. I'm excited to see it happen!

I've begun doing my son-in-law's genealogy which has inspired me to get back into doing research again. It has been on my back-burner for a very long time. My enthusiasm went out the  door when a data merge went excruciatingly wrong. But the fact that I didn't catch it for several years sent me into a spiral. I couldn't even look at the files for over a year! Just trying to figure out how to tackle such a catastrophic amount of information, when each detail for almost 12,000 individuals needed to be check overwhelmed me. So a few years ago I simply started a list of errors. Each time I spotted something wrong it went on the Fix It list. One mistake usually leads to from five to over 100 other instances of a source file errors. I just hope I live long enough to get it all done!

I always seem to have a lot of irons in the fires, some at home, some at church, but as long as I stay organized it really doesn't take up a lot of time. I only get frenzied sometimes when multiple things are due the same week. Then I just calm myself, pray, and take one at a time; then everything somehow gets done. I enjoy everything I do, but some things I enjoy more than others. I like singing and working on the computer so those are really fun for me. I also take time to do puzzles and computer games, and read my romance novels to take my mind off everything for a while.

Speaking of puzzles I did manage to get my real puzzle completed right after I got back from Florida. I was kinda bummed that there was one piece missing. I marked it on the picture and put a note in the box before I donated the puzzle back to DAV so the next person would have a heads-up.

Well, back to the To-Do list and to see how my year plays out!

10 February 2019

A Lot of Birthday Fun

About a week ago we visited my daughter in Florida for my birthday. We decided to drive straight through rather than split the trip down, so we arrived about 8pm Friday evening, then sat up talking and just enjoying being together until after midnight. So fun!

Saturday we went to the local market event where Hubster bought me a sweet turquoise necklace for my birthday. The girl also made healing salves that are supposed to be good for sore muscles, arthritis, etc. so we got a jar of that. Not like I don’t have plenty of opportunities to use that kind of stuff! That evening my daughter’s in-laws came over and we all had a scrumptious dinner made by my terrific son-in-law.

Sunday we drove out to a seashore park and visited several neat sights in the park, including a vintage house on the water. After resting on the porch we came back and had a terrific lunch on the kids’ 1910 home’s side porch which was so cool and relaxing. It was extra neat because their new neighbor walked over to introduce himself. We enjoyed hearing his stories. Sunday was also Super Bowl day. We all went to the in-laws’ home for their traditional get-together to watch the Super Bowl. So much food!!! We all know how the Super Bowl game turned out this year... but we had a lot of fun making comments like Mystery Science Theater, and hooting and hollering. We also had carrot cake for my birthday as well as my all-time favorite - handcrafted chocolate cheesecake made by my daughter’s MIL.

Monday was actually my birthday. My son-in-law had to work so Daughter took us to a nearby historic town where we walked around and visited a lot of quaint little shops. Later we just spent the day chilling until my son-in-law got back home from work. The kids took us out for a wonderful evening with dinner by the water at a terrific seafood restaurant! It was such a great time!!

Now for the crazy part. We were ready to leave early Tuesday morning. Everything was packed so I grab two pillows I’d brought and one little travel case and head down stairs. I look over the rail into the living room and the bottom fell out. I flew over the two last steps, landing at the front door. Stunned I quickly discovered nothing broken. I’d hit my head on the front door, my ankle hurt, but my back seemed ok and my metal hips were still intact, my elbow was already bruising. My daughter quickly came to help me up, which was like rolling the titanic over! I crawled back to the stairs to get on my feet and started laughing over how stupid it was to fall down steps.

On the long drive home various pains started kicking in. By the time we got home 11 hours later I was stiff and very sore. I am so grateful to God for cushioning me with those little pillows. Any number of serious things could have resulted, like a broken neck or my back where I had surgery. If I had popped a hip out of joint I wouldn’t have been able to come home. Or I could have even died. I feel like I had a wake up call. I’m just glad it wasn’t a more serious call! I must say that jar of salve has been quite handy lately!

I had plenty of time to think about how quickly things changed in the moment I fell down stairs. It reminded me that in the blink of an eye your life can change or even end before you can realize what is happening. Get right with God now while you have time to think about it, then stay right with God because you’ll never know when you might next be facing Him.

28 January 2019

Confusing Challenge

I've been working on my puzzle, committed to not cheating by looking at the picture on the box. Luckily, I like a good challenge. This has been one of the hardest puzzles ever (especially without using the picture as a guide). Here is my latest update:

Yes, those are cupcakes. And yes, that's a kitchen spatula on the right. It's been very helpful when attempting to move sections around!

I haven't been able to work at it very long at a time so it's a slow incremental process. It hurts my neck looking down. I can't sit down to work either because it's easier to see standing up.

I don't like projects that take six months. I've gotta move on so I'm hopeful to get it finished this week even though it looks like a lot left to do. All that pink is driving me crazy... it's everywhere!

Maybe I'll get a nice outdoor scene next time. Probably not - that would seem tame after this. Gosh, could you imagine doing a Where's Waldo puzzle!? On a whim I looked them up and no, but thanks anyway. Cupcakes are enough of a challenge!

15 January 2019


We've spent this past week waiting for a snow storm that never quite got here. It's been cold, no doubt and it definitely feels like winter, but living in a safe zone means that there's almost like a hedge around us. Bad weather seems to go above and below us. We are so blessed because of this. As much as I'd like to see some snow, we don't have to deal with driving on icy roads, cranking up the heat in the house, or hoping an ice storm causes power outages. My prayers go to those who have to deal with these conditions.

So I'm still working on my puzzle that I started 10 days ago. It's going to take a while to finish this one. First, because it's harder than I'd anticipated because so much of is identical in several places, and secondly, because I can't lean over to work on it very long because it makes my back hurt. So I'll work a little while and then run over to my chair with the heating pad on to recuperate.

During the sitting parts I've been crocheting baby hats for the hospital. I've been trying to downsize my stock of yarn. Baby hats takes care of the thin yarn. I thought I was almost done but found a large bag from the thrift store of nothing but pink baby yarn so I guess I'll be a while longer. Maybe girls will be prolific in the near future!

I started going to the after-care program at my last therapy center. I've been a couple of times but already I find I have to make myself go. I'm wondering if I'm making some things worse. I'm having a lot more issues with my knee that I had surgery on in August.  Getting more exercise is a good thing but maybe I'm just supposed to move around more rather than push and pull on things. I'm hoping the 21 days to make a habit will kick in and I won't have to go there to do stuff. I've already moved my "horse" into the house from the garage. I really like using that. We bought that years ago on sale at Roses. I've called it a horse for so long I don't know what they are really called anymore.

If I had my way all the exercise equipment would be in the living room. I mean, your home is supposed to support the way you live rather than being a showcase for company who hardly ever come over anyway, right? We both should be exercising more and having easy access would make things ever so nice! I'm gonna ponder on this idea a bit more. You never know, it might be the best decision I ever made! ;)