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16 January 2021

Simple Life

I just left Twitter, cancelling an account I've had for over 10 years. It's just about all political on there now and I'm not one for getting in debates with people. Everyone has their spin on things and how the world is playing out. I hate that people I don't even know (like those in DC) are impacting my life so much. Seems like discussions and media are packed with nothing else. I prefer to focus on Jesus and His affect in my life, just saying. Like most folks, I have room to grow as a person and a need to change myself. I want to try to fulfill God's purpose in me and even if I don't exactly know what that is, I try to keep myself available to hear His gentle whispers to me. You won't ever hear Him if you don't listen for it.

I think I would leave Facebook too if it weren't for the pages and groups that I run. I really don't have much to say anymore and my simple life is far from exciting enough to share. Since Covid it's even a bit duller, but it's the life that God chose for me and I guess it's OK with me if it's OK with Him.

I admit I get jealous sometimes when I see people going places and doing things so much. But when I do get to go and do it is all the more precious and things on a smaller, more mundane scale do give me pleasure. This morning I was thrilled to see thousands of blackbirds starting their migration gatherings. They flew for at least 20 minutes, flying real low through my back yard. Huge flocks just kept coming, over and over! I don't know how one could say this was a blessing but I thought it was. It just seems miraculous that God designed them and made them all know at the same time where to go and how to fly synchronized like that! Amazing! But then again, I like simple, right?

Yesterday we got to go out for a rare change when we met my youngest daughter for lunch to celebrate her birthday which was the day before. Because she just got married 3 weeks ago and is getting ready to move to Atlanta for her job we had much to talk about. She is a talkative quick-witted ball of fire with a mind like a steel trap and just a fun person to be around. (Both my girls are - no brag, just fact)! This was such a blessing to me because I don't know when I'll next get to see her for another birthday.

Danny surprised me by making brownies last night. That's a super special blessing in simple form that I can really get my teeth into! And check out this simple delight that just landed outside my window. Life is full of blessings if you just look and listen for them! Wishing you a blessed year full of surprises!

29 December 2020

Bring on the New Year!

 Merry Christmas and on to a Happy New Year! We're all excited to put 2020 behind us, for sure, but we must remember that even in times of great turmoil and distress our great God has everything in His control!

How my holiday season played out was not exactly as planned but it was pleasant and joyful so nothing to complain about. We all missed Mom and Dad but felt their spirits with us. In fact, as Christmas got closer I started seeing Mom's birthday on random digital clocks, even to yesterday as we checked out at the chiropractor office. We also missed my Florida kids who couldn't come because of Covid mess. They had originally planned to come and even bring his parents and brother. Alas, it wasn't meant to be, but we're all looking forward to trying to get together at some point during the coming year.

We've never been a large family but we were a pared down group of seven this year. It seems so weird that our family has diminished so much after the loss of parents (my brother's and mine, my sister-in-law's, and Danny's step-mom) over the last few years.

But with joy I can say that our family increased by one new son-in-law on December 21 when my youngest daughter, Lindsey married her best friend, Lucas. Always one to live to the beat of her own drum, they were married as she wanted - at the Court House followed by a grand family party at a local Mexican restaurant. As she put it, without spending thousands of dollars on a wedding she had accomplished the same desired result without all the fuss and muss. The only family members not there were her sister and her dad's sister and her new husband's brother. Otherwise everyone was there and it was delightful! We actually had her sister on Facebook messenger so she got to "be there" for the cake cutting.

For me, Christmas is about going to church and celebrating the birth of Jesus. I was lucky enough to be able to sing at our Christmas Eve service. Our church is so beautiful, especially when decorated for Christmas.

Now with a new year starting soon my next agenda item is to clean out my email program as I do every year. Anything that is worth saving is put into a document and all the old crapola is deleted and I start fresh. It's a good way to find all the things that slipped through the cracks during the year.

We actually went into a thrift store a few days ago - the first time since the original lock-downs occurred. We didn't look at everything or even go throughout the building. I just wanted some books to read. Luckily they are at the front of the store. After a quick perusal I grabbed four and headed out. I have missed reading this year. Nothing like a good little Victorian romance to take you away from it all for a while!

I'm going to focus on getting my genealogy files updated this year. I've struggled with that ever since discovering that a bad merge ruined thousands of reference source notes. In fact, at the time of discovery, it took me a year before I even looked at it again! So this year I am really going to tackle it and hopefully at least make a dent in it. Last year I worked on several client family genealogies. It's always fun for me to have a new line to work on. It's like putting a giant puzzle together without all the pieces being in front of you. It's been my goal to get all the paperwork that was generated back in the 1960s to early 2000s scanned into my computer. I love that technology has changed so much and so many more options are available. Back then there was a lot of field work involved, visiting courthouses, libraries, and cemeteries.

But right now it will be all I can do just to get that tree in my living room taken down and put away again! Why do things never fit back in the boxes the way they came out?!

02 December 2020



A year ago this morning was one of the most catastrophic times of my life. Without speaking to the rest of my family I know they are flashing back to that morning when Mom left us forever. We had all moved to a hallway so they could take an x-ray when suddenly the ICU nurse ran towards us. He said, "Her heart stopped" and we ran back to a new world without her.

We have been so sad through our first Thanksgiving without her when we'd been so happy at our last one. The day after that Thanksgiving we took her to have surgery and had expected her recovery. God had other plans. After Covid struck we realized how fortunate we were to have been able to be with her that weekend. Had surgery been postponed we might have been barred from entry.

During my morning walk I had my good cry. I was remembering where I was and all the pain I'd felt. Ever prompt, she had left us a 9am. But during my sorrow today I suddenly heard the church bells playing "O Come, All Ye Faithful" to mark the hour. I thought about the words to the song. O come, all ye faithful, joyful and triumphant! Mom was faithful and she went when He called her home. Those who believe in Jesus will have that same experience of responding to His call. Isn't that the whole reason for the season?

During this holiday season take a moment to remember all the families who have lost someone over the past year, so many more due to Covid. This may be their first Thanksgiving and Christmas without a loved one. In some cases several family members will be missing and nothing will ever be the same again. Pray for God to give peace and comfort to all those who are hurting and for them to reach out to Him and have a closer relationship with Him in 2021.

Appreciate those around you now in this moment. Forgive when you should and let God's blessings enrich your life.

11 November 2020

For Our Birthday Girl

 Today is Mom's first birthday in Heaven. I bet she's having a glorious time! She always loved birthdays and getting presents and surprises. In her book birthdays were right up there with Christmas. Her eyes would twinkle when she would get a gift and she'd start out being all neat and sedate about opening the box. But if it didn't open quick enough she would toss caution to the wind and rip into that sucker with utter abandon, with wrapping paper flying all which a way!

When we were little kids whoever had a birthday always got their favorite meal for supper along with their favorite homemade birthday cake. (Mine was always fried chicken, mashed potatoes, peas and carrots, followed by chocolate cake). Since birthdays were special to her she always made sure it was like that for everyone on their own special day. I can remember some special birthdays even for some of the hunters who frequented our kitchen table!

Last year we didn't know it would be her last party. Luckily it turned out to be a really good one. It was at her favorite Surf Rider Restaurant and along with our family her closest friends turned out to help her celebrate.

Through the years our family birthdays would be one every month from October to March, then jump to June and July before we had another small break. Birthdays were just extra holidays on the calendar! Mom enjoyed each and every one of them too!!

Make a wish, Mom!
I wish you were here!

22 October 2020

A Blessed Life

Another month has quickly passed again. We have become more adventurous recently (not too much), hitting up Target or CVS on occasion. Usually we know what we're looking for and basically 'hit it and get it' and quickly get out again.

Several weeks ago Danny took the dog to the vet recently and 2 days later we got an email saying someone there had tested positive for Covid. We kept to ourselves for the next 2 weeks. I had to sing on Sunday morning but I entered the building by a separate door, stayed in the hall, masked and alone, until it was time to sing and then entered the room far from anyone else and sang from widely spaced music stands. I made a beeline to the back door again after finishing and no one was close to me at all. I even wiped down the door knobs and anything else I touched, just in case. It was so weird, feeling like a leper. And I hadn't even gone to the vet's office! But we all played it safe and nothing came of it I'm happy to say.

My morning walks in the cool fresh air have really become the highlight of my days. I love seeing what God has in store for me with each new sunrise, each more more beautiful than the last and each one unique. God is truly a master artist!

I've been crocheting a lot, working on a Crochet Club blanket. We've finished our blocks and now the project is all laid out on my kitchen table, ready to be joined together.

I'm finally finishing up a client's genealogy research. I really do love helping people by researching. It's like putting a puzzle together and not knowing what it looks like before you start. On this particular case the client didn't know who her real grandmother was since her mother had been raised by a step-mother. It was a piece of cake as I was able to find out everything and then some!

All the corn is picked around our house now so we can see up and down the road. We get good breezes again and that makes the falling tree leaves look like an Autumn version of snow. I like it because the turning colors are so beautiful but don't like it because it means soon the trees will be bare and it will get cold again.

Other than that things are fairly 'same old, same old' around here. It sound boring I'm sure, but it's the life God chose for me and He doesn't make mistakes so I reckon things are going well enough. Got no real complaints and feeling pretty good. Got enough to eat (probably too much) and a good bed to sleep in. What more could you need but a blessed life?!

21 September 2020

As We Head Into Fall

To the average person this morning looks gray and gloomy. To me I see another side of God's amazing power. The winds are on the strong side and slightly tangy in their crispness. They are pleasant by Autumn standards and I think they are heralding in the season which officially starts tomorrow. I even wore a crochet hat instead of my straw hat for my walk. And those glorious clouds are in all variations of gray and the artist in me sees the overlapping of the cloud layers as a masterpiece. Then the dawn arrives with a sharp contrast of brilliant color. What a plan!

This past week I finished the crochet blanket. I will soon see about taking it back to the lady who gave me the box of crochet squares. While putting everything together I thought a lot about her, her family, and the great-grandmother who had originally made the 121 squares. Surely that woman put a lot of love into their making; perhaps she thought about her loved ones kept warm by it on chilly winter days. I hope she would have been pleased to have her work completed and not just abandoned as a box full of scraps. I also hope that this blanket will be cherished by perhaps a great-great-great granddaughter someday, knowing this was a last gift from her ancestor.

We finally made the decision to trim two of our large cedar trees. I've always been of the persuasion that God designed trees the way He wanted them to be so I love seeing Cedars all the way to the ground. Unfortunately, due to my back issues since surgery the vines have started to over-run the tree and it was too thick along the bottom to get to the roots. We did what we had to do. The only real joy I got from this was watching Danny enjoy using his chainsaw. Nothing like a man and his toys, right?

09 September 2020

Another Special Weekend

We just had another lovely weekend, made even more special because my out-of-state daughter came to see us over the holiday. She was just too homesick to stay away any longer. Alas, her husband could not come with her because school just started again so she had to make the drive alone on the long trip. I say alone, but she really wasn't because I "rode" with her most of the way. It was a lot of fun. We chatted on the phone while I tracked her progress on Google maps. On her way back I also used the travel maps and watched for her to go by on the traffic cameras. I saw her many times too! We both felt like we extended her visit by an extra two days by doing this co-pilot method of ours.

While she was here her sister came over on Friday. I always love with both my girls are home so much. They have become such wonderful women and I am so proud of them! My brother and sister-in-law came over too and we all enjoyed our favorite Hibachi takeout meal together.

The following days she was able to spend time with Aunt and Uncle on the kayaks browsing the peaceful waters of the creeks around our house. The weather cooperated for the first time in a long time and was simply beautiful. While sheltering in place we spent some good times on the back deck listening to the birds and watching our two female hummingbirds duke it out over the feeders.

We played some of our favorite hidden object computer games and ate Danny's awesome ribs he made for us (so good)! We also had some good wine and cheese party moments while watching YouTube (we like picking and combining some random topics and see what shows up). It gets crazy sometimes and we have a lot of laughs!

Family time is so special these days. We're still grieving our mother's passing in December and I love to see that our small family is drawing even closer through our shared experiences. There's only nine of us now. I know if we can make it through the hard times that makes these good times so much more a blessing from God. I also know everyone thinks their family is the most dysfunctional one in history, but at the end of the day (and the weekend) we know that family is the most important thing God ever gives and He never makes mistakes!

12 August 2020

This Too Is a Garden

 Gardens can come in all shapes and sizes. We don't have much but we like it.

The pot of Basil on the left were all volunteers. We have more basil in the deck flower box that we purchased. Who knew we could have saved our money and just used the freebies?!

We never tried Okra before. Daddy always grew a long row of it (like you're supposed to do). We didn't have any rows, just pots to plug things into. Somehow it worked!

The Okra is so very pretty, kind of exotic in a way. Daddy's rows never looked so good! Hubster is using the okra in his favorite seafood Gumbo. I think that was the whole reason we bought the okra in the first place!

The tomatoes survived the hurricane, but still look a little droopy now. We just keep propping them up and hoping for the best. They are producing much better this year than they did last year in pots on the deck, but we've had some splits due to so much water. They still taste great on a salad or my favorite tomato sandwiches!

27 July 2020

My One Big Chance

I really had wanted to see the Neowise comet. I read which direction to look. I knew it was supposed to be close to the Big Dipper. The problem is that I have extremely tall trees in that direction. Plus going outside in the mosquitoes is not an option since I now have this hideous reaction to the tiniest bite and will itch like crazy for a week. Nope, not going out to feed the critters.

I would have loved to be able to stand outside and look up at the sky but my neck doesn't work like it's supposed to either. It just won't go high enough to see overhead and if I try too long my arm goes numb. Can't lean back either since my back surgery. Gosh, it sucks!

So that left the car. Get into the car and drive to an open spot to browse up to the heavens. It seemed like a great idea to maybe accomplish my goal.

So I finally get Him to get out of bed after days of mentioning it and it's between 9 and 10 o'clock at night. It takes forever for it to get dark outdoors in the summer, don't you think?

Now before you get crazy and mention it was available in the wee hours of the morning too, I can't tell you how many times I'd get up each night and wend my way in the dark to the front of the house. I did get a great view of those 5 planets that are supposed to be visible now. And they were awesome. They just weren't the comet that I'd set my heart on seeing.

So back to the car. I'm in my pj's and bathrobe and have binoculars in case that will bring me luck. We have nothing else between us if we needed ID. Didn't even lock the house. Just quickly hauled out of there before any skeeters found us.

Where to go... hmmm.... let's go sit in the parking lot at church and take a look. He drives in slow motion like he's got both feet in one hole. To be less than a mile, I though we'd never get there. I say to try the 2nd lot further away from the lights at the fire station and pull to the front corner by the road. So what does he do? He swings her wide like he's driving a semi and turns all the motion detector lights on. 

Great. I'm a little peeved, a little sad. Time's a-wasting! Start looking!

So we sit there like two hoot owls on steroids, cranking our necks in every which way we could to see a glimpse of something shiny or fuzzy or bright or streaking.

I have a new big problem. It's cloudy tonight. I mean really cloudy. There aren't more than a handful of stars out there staring back at us. Oh the horrible luck. Why didn't I think of this before we left the house? Crap.

We drove up the road a piece to another wider, more open space to better our possibilities. But it's a no go. Reluctantly, ever so sadly I tell Him to head back home. When we turn in our drive way I request that we stop near the road for one last chance to look for the comet over the tops of our big trees. Of course there's nothing  there so I try to look straight up to the top of the big windshield, practically getting in the floor to swivel my neck back enough to see. I had to quit... I thought if I keep this up I'll end up paralyzing myself from the neck down.

No. The party is really over. I will say He was very patient, getting out of bed to accommodate my whim, waiting silently for me to realize what he already knew. That it was a waste of time. Oh well, there's always next time.

No wait! That'll be 7,000 years from now. Guess I'm done for sure! There's always the pictures on the internet.

20 July 2020

Another Month Of Lock Down

We're not adventurers. We don't go far from home these days. We think that if everyone would just take one for the team, wear masks and social distance it wouldn't take long to conquer the Covid beast. But no, everyone thinks they are more special than the next person, more privileged, and many just really don't give a damn. They want to do what they want when they want, how they want. So I think we're seemingly stuck on this perpetual lock down status. Staying home is pretty much what other countries did and it fairly worked for them. They stayed in, quit whining and did what needed to be done, even if it meant that the government had to make sure they stayed put.

We have never really had a time when Everyone did what they were s'posed to. In the beginning, when most folks were trying their hardest you had Mardi Gra people flipping out and spring breakers flaunting their youth on southern sands. Afterwards, everyone went home and spread the love and the virus around the country.

Next were those whining protesters flaunting their ability to do what they wanted. "No, we have a right to congregate on the lawn of the federal buildings and complain that our businesses are tanking." If they'd just done what needed to be done and Everyone stayed in a while longer The Crisis would have been over and done with by now. No one was even going to face eviction from their apartments yet now that window of necessity has gone into over time. Businesses would have soon bounced back permanently instead of the yo-yo opening/closing we now see.

But there are those people who are doing what is right. howbeit, probably out of fear of catching anything deadly. They are staying close to home, ordering groceries online, watching movies, playing games with the kids, watching their gardens to grow. They call to check on each other. They message, text, or video chat. They make brownies and watch their weight go up ever so slightly. They have long quit watching the news other than keeping an eye on the weather. The thermostat is outrageously high these days.

We all look forward to cooler weather, for Autumn's golden colors, and seeing the falling leaves again. Anything to change up this perpetual oneness. Time has seemingly stood still. All our days run together and look alike.

The mantra that we are all in this together isn't quite right. Some people are, some aren't. But one thing that is Right is that, even in these harsh times God is still on the throne and is still in control of one and all. Whether you believe this or not makes no difference... He's still there.

28 June 2020

Same Old Days

Life is on repeat now. Even though some aspects of societal living has been reopened we're still putting around like usual. We've done a few extra take-out meals and Danny walks into a grocery store occasionally with his new fashion accessory. I hate the masks. I'd rather stay home than wear one, but next week I have a medical test to do so I guess I'll have to deal with it. Ugh!

Drive-in church services have become normal now. It's actually kind of festive and fun. As the days grow hotter I think we'll see a drop in attendees even if we start earlier than 10am. If we social distance in our building we can only get about 30 people in the sanctuary and using satellite rooms defeats the purpose of everyone getting together so we decided to just wait. We're a family and families like to see each other! I  do look forward to singing with my group each week and enjoy playing the piano sometimes at church (mostly at home).

At home our routine is the same: get up, eat, work on genealogy, have lunch, watch a vintage movie, play a game, eat and go back to bed. The grass gets cut sometime during the week. I crochet to break up the monotony.

We've made a couple of hit and runs during the cool of the day, where we go outside and do a quick project. One day last week we cleaned a flower bed, another time we pruned a couple of small bushes after they finished blooming. I don't know why people like hot weather... it's just too hot to enjoy. Give me balmy 70°s please!

Crochet Blocks
I'm in the process of psyching myself up to start another blanket right now. I have a box of blocks to choose from that I got from the granddaughter of a skilled lady who never finished her projects. It's just a matter of deciding which one to tackle first. I truly wish I had her skills!

I'm making changes to my eBay store. Sales have slacked off somewhat so I'm contemplating a downgrade in my store subscription. Why pay too much money for something that's not being helpful?  But the  overhead for that virtual rental space is killing my small profits now. For the most part the store is self-sufficient; I don't have to do any more than I want to in order to keep it maintained. Unsold items relist automatically each month. It's pretty much just waiting for the right buyer to come along. Sales are picking up, and people do like those comfortable Hawaiian shirts to wear. With the restlessness of having stayed at home for so long I think a few trips to the beach, the boat, the bar are in order for a lot of people now!

I'll still be sitting on the back deck though!

08 June 2020

The Joy of Birds

Life never so dull when you enjoy birds.  My latest joys are filled with them. I had a new feeding station installed just outside my office window and love, love, love seeing all the visitors. I was really surprised that it took no time at all for the feathered peeps to arrive!

We have seen a profusion of cardinals this year like never before. Watching them and the ever faithful bluebirds feed their babies is a real treat.

Our Great Crested Flycatcher has been another favorite visitor to both front and back yard stations.. The other day he tried to come into the house. We quickly closed the curtains so he wouldn't pursue his goal.

We've also had a crazy Bluejay drop in this year. I guess my cedar trees have matured enough to produce those lovely blue berries for them.

American Goldfinches, Carolina Wrens, the always pleasant Black-capped Chickadees and a variety of  lovely little sparrows in various forms fill in the neighborhood.

The wrens were so undecided when it came to building a nest. First the pot in the greenhouse, then the cactus plant. Then I saw them in to lower branches of a cedar tree. Since the male has taken to perching on the deck rail and singing so brilliantly I can only believe he was successful in raising a family.

A couple of mornings I've gotten up early enough to find a young but still rather large Red-tail Hawk perched on top of the bluebird box. It was kind of funny to see him swoop down like a tiny bird to snatch up a careless worm or bug from the grass.

Lately the hummingbirds have found my red feeder and each lays claim to it. What hard work they expend to defend their territory rather than share. Yesterday I was lucky enough to see two lady hummers doing just that! So sweet!

Most of my photos were blurry or shaky or something so they were tossed. But I have lovely memories and every day brings new cherished moments to indulge my bird passion. Ah... the joy!

13 May 2020

Stop, Look, and Listen

It would seem that I'm fairly consistent at being late posting, but eventually I get around to it. This month is sweeping by, feeling swift some days and dragging the next. Winter seems to be clinging on. We're sleep under a quilt one night & have the windows open the next. It's crazy. My chrysanthemum is confused and is blooming now instead of waiting until Fall.

We've enjoyed a lovely birds' nest in the bush outside my office window. We found it when we were thinking about pruning the shrub back after having a snake in it a  few weeks ago. So pruning was delayed until the babies left
Then from very tiny to very large we had two sandhill cranes drop in just across the ditch, where they meandered their way across a field eating seeds. It was amazing to see them here!

Just today I found another nest inside one of our large cedar trees. The nest is very low to the ground. I saw a wren not far away. We've seen wrens going inside the greenhouse where they have started a nest in a flower pot and another nest started in the large pot laying on its side that has cactus in it. That nest is very secure, I'm sure!

I've already mentioned before about the crazy bluebird we've had this year, pecking at his reflection in the house windows and on the vehicles (leaving his "calling card" to boot). We had a reprieve while he feed the bluebird babies but yesterday he has started up again. I've also enjoyed seeing the yellow finches, chickadees, Phoebes, flycatchers, pileated and downy woodpeckers, thrushes, mockingbirds (which I do not hate), sparrows, wrens, cardinals and I truly believe I saw a Western Tanager. At first I thought it was a Cardinal because of the red head but quickly realized it wasn't red all over. This bird was yellow underneath with dark wings and back. I've poured over my books and brother google and that's all I can come up with. We kind of think some of the storms that came through not long ago pushed some bird off course! And, since it's still been cold at night we can still hear the owls sometimes deep in the woods.

We usually watch an old movie while we eat lunch and take an extended break mid-day. Black and white from back in the day. Today I watched "Speak Easily" 1939,  with Buster Keaton and Jimmy Durante. That was really good!

After eating I start crocheting while watching TV. I just started making blocks for a blanket using olive green. I had to leave the yarn out for a week. I'm not a fan of olive, but I think I've come up with a fresh look for it.

I thought I'd try Curiosity Stream since it was on sale and I love it. A lot of documentary type programs but such a variety! The first I watched was about a Camel Library in Kenya. My heart went out to the children deep in the middle of nowhere and their love of the used books shared with them. These guys (librarians) walk four days journey to supply 20 schools. Often the kids can't keep the books, because books have to be shared with other schools. A young girl held her first book in her life! It made me want to pack up all the old books I'd saved and send them over. It was good program! Do look it up!

Church is going well, with live feed videos streaming to Facebook on Sunday mornings. Each week things are tweaked and the sound is much better now than when we started. We had another drive-in service on Mother's Day that went well. When we have drive-ins I get to sing with my group. We all missing singing so much. I'm really fortunate to go to church each week because I'm involved in the playing keyboard. There's usually only four of us there those days. We have a really tight-knit family atmosphere at church and I know everyone is missing each other a lot.

One of these days things will change. Mostly things are the same for us. We're working around the house and yard. I don't go to the chiropractor, but so far, so good. We miss eating out and thrift stores, but that's been a good thing I guess since we don't have as much crapola coming into the house now. I kind of like that! Danny's working on the RV that's been sitting here since we bought it. We'll sell it soon. Too bad, in a way, because it's really nice.

His dad is doing better now after they got his meds straightened out again. Some crazy doctor took him off all his diabetic medicine and almost killed him. The home he lives in has had their first covid case, but the employee works in the memory unit and never comes in contact with Dad's section. That's good to know. We talk with him every couple of days and at 97 he's still on the computer keeping busy.

Well, guess I'll get back to everyday life, like the rest of the world! Enjoy every moment while you can and thank God for the opportunities He's given you to stop and smell the roses!

19 April 2020

A Month Goes By

Like the rest of the country we're staying in. It mostly seems like nothing has changed for us except we don't get to eat out anymore. We really miss our weekly visit to our favorite hibachi restaurant and were going to order takeout to support them but they totally closed. Other than that life is fairly normal country life. We have a very large yard and enjoy watching our dogs as well as the bluebirds carrying nest materials and occasional butterflies flitting about. Seagulls are following tractors in the fields as they begin another crop season. The Carolina Allspice is blooming so everything smells divine from my deck! We love eating there when it's warm, but lately it's been cold enough to frost! Life is pretty good actually.

I've gotten 99% of my office back together from when everything was removed for renovating the floors. My new used desk purchased before the virus came is great with its three large file drawers. I was able to eliminate my two old 4-drawer metal file cabinets. (Anyone need a file cabinet)? I've added my sound system to my office instead of back in the living room with a speaker in all four corners!

I'm nearly finished researching my Son-in-law's genealogy. Next I will start going back through my own lines to update with the many new resource materials that are now available online. I got a subscription to after procrastinating for years. I wish I'd done it sooner - it's fabulous!

We made our first ever online grocery order a few weeks ago. It took us three hours as newbies. Hubster wanted to browse everything. I finally got up for a break and when I came back the website showed we were not logged in anymore.

I crochet most afternoons with old black and white movies keeping me company. Currently I'm joining blocks made by Crochet Club members to make a lap afghan for some lucky nursing home resident. Members can't meet these days but after seeing a project photo in our Facebook group they suggested making more blocks to make the blanket bigger. So I made four more. The borders are in a very dark green.

Easter was historic at our church (and many across the country, I'm sure) as we had our first every drive-in worship service. Blackwater Baptist had 43 cars in attendance, with 2-3 worshipers in each. It turned out rather well, even with a few new and untried sound system snafus and the high winds almost stealing our music and the preacher's sermon! All in all, everything was lovely!

I've played the keyboard in all but one of the live video worship services. It seems so weird not to have a church full of people. There's usually only four or five of us there and we're all so far apart! But I enjoy hearing the messages presented and record them for the church's website when I can.

We don't know what tomorrow will bring. All we can do is pray for the safety of our health care providers and those who are helping so many people in so many ways. We can pray for our leaders to have wisdom. We can pray for each other and that those at home will have compassion on each other. We can pray for God's mercy. We can use this time to draw closer to Him and learn from these experiences. To every thing there is a season, right?

18 March 2020

My Home is My World

It's ridiculous how long it's been since my last post. In my defense it's been quite chaotic. I left January with the beginnings of the "cough from Hell" that is finally now reaching its end of life. Ironic, since we now have the virus all over the world so I'll have to be extra careful for the next month or two. I did see my doc and know for a fact what I have/had wasn't the dreaded plague. Now, like the rest of the world, we are holed up at home. I'm getting a lot of reading and crocheting done while I watch movies to take a break from watching the endless world crisis updates. I love making brick stitch shawls for the nursing home residents. The Crochet Club recently sent a lot of lap blankets and shawls to a lady who uses them for bingo prizes. Unfortunately the home is in lock down now and won't be getting any for a while.

My birthday was in early February. Since I was sick celebrating was a bust. No dinner out, no cake, nothing but coughing and lying about in bed. I still went to church but was able to stay clear of everyone because I sit on the front row with no one was 'in front' of me. One Sunday I had to leave the sanctuary early during the sermon. I hated walking across the room in front of everyone but it couldn't be helped. The more I tried to contain my cough the more my eyes watered in a losing battle. I went to the furthermost point from everyone, drank water and waited for church to let out. I guess by the time we have church again I'll be over all this!

Yes, we shut down church last Sunday and will for some time to come. It's a bummer because Easter is coming and we won't have the Easter Egg hunt for the little kids and everything else is cancelled.

We just finished getting new floors and carpet put in. Yesterday I got my keyboard and the TV stand put into the living room. My office is now my kitchen table until we can get a few fellows to help move some furniture from the garage back to the house. We had cleared out the house a couple of weeks early and then the floor guy was delayed coming so we've been living in close quarters for some time now. We're getting lots of cleaning and fine-tuning the downsizing. I've gotten rid of dead things like potpourri and dried and artificial floral arrangements (after reading that they pull energy down and I need all I can get).

This was totally the wrong time to get new floors and needing to buy a new sofa, what with the virus worries. We can't go shopping so it may be some time before we get the living room fixed up!

The other day it was so nice outside! We both went to sit in the sunshine for a few minutes. I took a book and Danny watched the dogs sniff out worms (go figure). After feeling something on my ankle a few times and mindlessly scratching I suddenly remembered that I'd developed an allergic type response to mosquito bites about a year or so ago. Alas, I quickly hauled myself inside but not before I had 7 bites to contend with this week. It sucks so much - the more I scratch the longer it lasts so it's really hard to keep myself contained when they itch so bad. Even worse is that the only thing I've ever found that gives any relief at all is 72% hand sanitizer. Of course every store in the country is out these days, but luckily I had still had some left from last time I had bites and resulting itches.

I can almost see daylight again. Hopefully my cough and bites will be healed soon. Hopefully the coronavirus will be done soon (if everyone does what they're s'posed to). I can't wait for summer to get here. I know it's going to be hot and fabulous!