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23 August 2008

Too exciting

Yesterday my auction ended. That little empty box brought almost $700!! OMG! Can you believe the stuff people will buy on eBay?  Incredible. I guess we need to send Danny up to the attic more often, don't you think.

The man who won the auction has bought several other boxes like this one for other guns. I guess he's a collector; maybe he has the guns and wants the boxes to enhance his values. I looked online and a box like this with the gun was selling for about $1,400.00. I guess we could always go buy the guns to go with the boxes.

So we've been feeling pretty good today. Dan's been weed-whacking, sanding and/or washing a car or truck, as the case may be. I've been putting more items online to sell in my store. I have several new handbags and totes I found at the thrift store. Even if I only make $10 I have a lot of fun doing it.

Melissa is in Florida. Today is Rob's birthday (Happy Birthday Rob!!) They will be driving back to Richmond on Monday. I'm not sure how much of Hurricane Fay they've been around. I know Rob has a dried lake behind his house that is now full again. So I guess the scenery will be transforming a little in the near future.

Lindsey is taking care of a small problem at her home. A houseguest that is overstaying their welcome. But she's strong and I know my girl will prevail.

Mom is healing nicely after her foot surgery. I found the wedge cushion in a closet today and had her start using it instead of balancing several pillows to elevate her foot. That's what it's made for and it's no use saving it for "someday."

Dad is worn out this weekend. He's been on caregiver duty as well as getting his crop of grapes ready to make wine. This is an old photo, but it could be the same any day now. They have friends bringing supper tonight and will play cards maybe for a little while.

In addition to doing my eBay stuff I've been researching some more on Buck, Dad's brother who was killed in 1944. This evening I looked on Google maps and found the towns in Germany where Buck's plane crashed, little church they were buried, and other places mentioned in some now unclassified papers I found online. We've all learned a lot.

Yesterday my sister, Jackie, would have been 60 years old, had she lived past 2. I will meet her in heaven I'm sure. I've thought about it for years.