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18 August 2021

A Church Moment

We were just getting used to having church almost like normal. Then we had Vacation Bible School and two positive Covid tests showed up the following week. We're not totally sure it came from VBS, but just to be on the safe side we closed up church again. So far it's just for two weeks, but that could change. Who knows from day to day what will happen? It's turned into a crazier world than what I would ever have dreamed it could be.

Last Sunday it was so strange not be at church early in the morning. I know most people don't think twice about something like that. To them it's just another day, one that they can dawdle away with sleeping in, or going to the beach, or fishing down a creek somewhere. To anyone that is a church goer like me it's hard to deal with not being there.

We're told in the Bible to keep the sabbath, not to go fishing. We're to fellowship with like-minded people and being involved for one or two hours a week isn't asking a whole lot when you compare that to all the blessings God is continuing to supply to us.

Exodus 20:8 reminds us to "Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy."
Leviticus 26:2 says "Ye shall keep my sabbaths, and reverence my sanctuary: I am the Lord."

There's lot more references, but you get the idea.

Ever since I was a real little girl and we used to play Beat You to Jesus when seeing who could swing highest on the swing set I've always felt close to Jesus. I wonder if He might not have been my imaginary friend that Mama fretted over until the doctor said it was a normal thing for kids.

My feeling of closeness has never gone away. Many times I've thought He was sitting right in my car with me on a long lonely journey. Sort of like a big Brother that I couldn't see. And I'm always chatting with Him about something or other going on in my life. He's been with me through lonely times, sad times, and good times. He knows whenever I play the piano I'm playing for Him. When I was just starting out I'd tell Him I was playing for Him and then I'd say "let me start over" so many times when I'd mess up and want to get it perfect for Him.

I've asked Him for help when I was publishing a newsletter. I'd be sitting there drawing a blank and always after an out-loud conversation with Him the answer or inspiration would come within a few minutes.

I love going to church through the week too, when it's cool and quiet, and kind of mysterious in a good way. I know every crook and cranny. Sometimes I have a meeting; sometimes I need to get or drop something off. I never feel afraid, even at night and it's dark inside the building. It's like a second home. Sometimes when I'm there alone I just sit in the sanctuary and listen to the quiet and wait for Him to speak to me.

Yes, I really do miss going to church on Sunday mornings. Hopefully this latest situation will clear up quickly. I miss the sounds of church music and the people chattering to each other. I know it's a joyful time for many. It's always good to be in His House.

Call me crazy if you want to... won't be the first time. I reckon people who don't understand will think church is boring or old-fashioned or just not for them. I hope one day they do understand what's in it for them and at least visit church once in a while to find out for themselves. 

Meanwhile, I will listen for the hourly church bells wafting through the woods on the breeze. Still there.