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14 January 2022

Of Yarn and a Yarn

 I have finally started crocheting a sweater. I've been thinking on it for a long time and after viewing a lot of videos finally chose one that looked fairly easy to do. I printed up the instructions and gave them to the Crochet Club members and I'm hopefully that we'll all be able to get at least one sweater done in our lifetimes!

I had three skeins of a lovely dark marine blue that I could see myself wearing. Isn't it too bad that the pattern calls for at least seven skeins?! So I paired it with a lighter color greenish blue that seemed to work. I laid out my pattern to gradually go from the dark to lighter color as I got closer to the shoulder. It looks pretty good going from 1 dark, 1 light, 1 dark, 2 light and so on up to five (which ended up being 10!

After completing the back and one front side I was able to lay it out on my kitchen table this morning. There is great value in doing a lay-out; I'm just sorry I didn't do so yesterday when I worked on that front. I found out that one simple error had made a major problem for me. I now have to take over half of the front side out and redo it. Ugh! I had added an extra stitch that turned into two extra stitches. Now the bottom from is wider than the top front. But now I know it, so I can fix it!

Today is my lovely daughter Lindsey's birthday. She was the one I had at home so many years ago. She simply came too fast before I could go anywhere. It was a dark and stormy night and I'm grateful that she came at 10 minutes after midnight or you can see how that would have been.... to be born on Friday, the 13th on a dark and stormy night! It all worked out and we both traveled to the Norfolk hospital in a bumpy old ambulance in he middle of a cold driving rain. We made it and I ended up with a rebate from the doctor's office since they didn't do the delivery!

She is now married and living outside of Atlanta.

I'm using a cane nowadays, for my good knee. About 2 months ago I dropped a jar of moisturizer and it made a streak across my bedroom carpet about 12 feet long. I got on my knees to start scooping it up before it sank into the fibers. Unfortunately it took too long and I was in tears before I could finish, but I was determined to get it up. I'm now paying the price. I've been to see the surgeon who said it's just a matter of time as I'm almost bone on bone. I'm praying for a miracle and somehow new cartilage will grow back. I really don't want to have another surgery in my life. I've learned to leave earlier now to give me time to get anywhere. Stairs are slow!