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26 April 2022

Spring Is In the Air

So much time has passed since my last post. As usual I often thought about posting, but the time just wasn't right. Today is the day!

Easter was wonderful. We got up early and attended the brief but windy early service at church. The sun didn't start to poke its head out until we left, but that's ok. We went back to church later for classes and worship. Everything was terrific. I was fortunate enough to sing with the Shades of Grace again (we don't get together often anymore) and it made my heart glad. The sermon was great and after church we waited until the last of the dessert auction was over to collect our goodies. We got a wonderful deep dark chocolate cake with chocolate bits in it. Well... they say dark chocolate is good for you, right?!

Instead of heading to a restaurant as we usually do, we came home and with my brother and sister-in-law had our own special meal of grilled porkchops, mashed potatoes, baked beans, skillet cornbread, and of course a couple of selections of church desserts. Our little group of four is a far cry from former days and as we tried not to think about who was missing, we all knew we were thinking the same thing. But we are making new memories now and thus far we've had a lot of fun along the way doing just that.

Since Christmas we've been dealing with aches and pains. Danny's hurt back is now starting to feel better after a 2nd shot in his back/neck area. The first didn't quite do the trick, but I think he's conquered it this time. Meanwhile, I delayed doing much about my knee, wanting to get him fixed first. When I finally got x-rays and saw the surgeon he just gave me Prednisone, which helped but didn't help long. When I called to get on the surgery agenda, I found out he was going to retire in June and didn't sound like he wanted too much to do with me anymore. Well, why didn't he say so before?! Since it's taken so long to get Danny straight I called the surgeon once more, thinking maybe he could at least give me a shot. So what do I get? Another round of Prednisone. Thanks for nothing! I'm now researching for another 'knee guy' and I guess I'll get to the top of someone's list eventually. Stair-climbing is becoming a challenging sport these days!

We had toyed with the idea of tilling a garden space in the yard, but with all our issues decided another year of plants in pots will do the trick. Our planter garden is coming along nicely now. We have 4 tomatoes, 2 eggplants, about 10 okra (Danny likes it), Swiss Chard, 3 peppers, and new basil. Our 5-year-old sage plant, chives, and oregano go from year to year so we don't have to do much but enjoy them.

My vintage rose has just started blooming this week. Oh my! If I could just bottle that smell! It's so divine and well worth the wait each year.

I guess the weather with all it's hot and cold ups and downs was perfect for the Carolina Allspice bush and Clematis. The bush is full this year and the sweet fragrance goes across the yard on the wind so wonderfully! And I counted almost 30 Clematis flowers so far this year, all open at the same time, and there's still more to come! It's the best it's ever done in all the years I've had it!

Last but not least we've had a few visits from the now lone wild turkey. She wanders in the yard from the woods path, pecking bugs and whatnot as she travels across the back woods line and along the ditch bank before heading back into the woods. I know there are other turkeys around here so I hope she can hook up with them and not be lonely. Nothing worse than a sad turkey!