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13 May 2011

Love That Little Town

We took a break this week. It was long overdue. We're so stressed out all the time. Our to-do list keeps growing. It's always something hurting or paining, or not working correctly and needing fixed. We said "Screw it all! Color us gone!" It was wonderful.

Captain's Quarters Inn

This is where we stayed in historic Edenton, NC
Only 90 minutes away we cruised down Rt. 17 to Edenton, NC for our first experience at a Bed and Breakfast. I gotta say, it will be hard to go back to thinking in terms of a simple hotel room after this.

We had made our reservation a month in advance after signing up for a deal at LivingSocial. You know how usually Murphy's Law kicks in and says you get there too early or too late? Well, this time we were right on point... Tuesday was Tourism Day and pretty much everything was free to roam around the historic district. We road the trolley and had the tour guide tell us about so many of the large beautiful homes in the area. We toured some of the homes too. At the Barker House they even served cookies and tea!

I must say that on this mini-vacation I have never walked so much in my life. The historic area was a healthy few blocks away. Edenton has a lot of park benches throughout the historic downtown, so I went from bench to bench, walking about 10-15 minutes at a time before wearing out. Luckily the weather was absolutely gorgeous! Just perfect! We even walked around the block by our B&B before breakfast each morning! We walked down to a little bridge where fish were swirling and breaking the surface all over the place. I was tempted to take a video, there were so many there!

Dan caught me checking out the B&B info book!
I purposely did not take many photos. I am usually so hung up on taking pictures that I miss actually being on the trip. Dan took a couple of our room, which was the Cutty Sark Room, in heavy dark paneling, a very high-back bed and Victorian style bathroom. Anything that you could want was available. In fact as soon as we signed in we received a bottle of wine and a plate of cheese, crackers, and grapes that just hit the spot as we transitioned to the slow mode.

On Wednesday we rode down to Washington NC; Dan's dad grew up there. It was nice to see how their revitalization of the city is progressing. It's sad that so many small towns are so empty around the country. Washington has a terrific waterfront area. And the way Tidewater has the large decorated dolphin sculptures all over the area, Washington has a huge cute and all the designs are so clever!
I'm definitely on the lookout for another LivingSocial deal and/or a new destination for a quick mid-week weekend fix. This was a blast and I highly recommend the Captain's Quarters Inn to anyone who has a day or two to spend there!