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01 September 2011

With Love, Irene

Before she arrived:

My lovely Rose-of-Sharon was already in distress from lack of rain. Now it suffers a decided tilt.

Before and after shots of my largest Coleus plant. I got this for my birthday at 4 inches high.

And my cactus just barely stayed in the pot. Because of all the thorns we’d not even thought about moving it beforehand.

The greenhouse stayed; the tomato plants are the worse for wear. Note the magnolia leaf in with the tomatoes; that tree is on the other side of the yard! The patio plants are tilted and shredded.

Nothing to do but sleep, then sleep some more.

Finally the wait is over!

Our outdoor kitchen

We lost a whole section of end-caps. But luckily no leaking! The new roof held strong!

When we moved the hibiscus tree indoors it had a passenger. It was a good way to stay safe, huh? He’s back outside now, near the roses.