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12 January 2018

Finally Free to Dine

Besides riding to a Food Lion parking lot the other day I've been stuck in the house since a week ago Wednesday. Yesterday was my first real venture into the great beyond.

Snow was still on the ground when we left. I'd thought we were going to do some errands, maybe stop by the thrift store (where I could pick up another book to read), have lunch and come home. But we ended up not having the errands to do that I thought we had so pretty much it ended up being a date for lunch. No complaints here!

Don't you find that deciding on where to eat is one of the hardest things to do? Well, after much discussion we finally settled on Ruby Tuesdays on Princess Anne Road. Our old favorite, Appleby's on General Booth, was closed up tighter than a drum the last time we went by (before the storm). What a bummer - it was convenient and the staff knew us pretty well from all our visits.

We had picked RT because they have a good salad bar. This year we're going to try to eat healthier, including more salads. Usually the thought of eating a salad makes me roll my eyes, but more often than not, once I'm seated behind one I have no problem with it... kinda like hating to cut the grass and then enjoying the solitude doing so offers.

Anyway, we were almost to our destination when Danny started feeling crampy. Oh no! So we did a quick change and headed to the KFC for a pot pie. I doubt pot pie has ever hurt anyone. He was up for it and did, in fact, feel a little better while eating.

The last time we went to a KFC we were told that the recipe had been changed and we decided not to do KFC anymore. But here we were and telling the manager about our last ordeal. She said it had been a year or so since the recipe changed and gave us two pieces of fried chicken to see for ourselves that not all KFC establishments are the same. We were happy to find that she was right - her fried chicken was really good (and free). We still got our pot pies, with both senior and military discounts at her suggestion. I think we've found a new favorite place for our chicken needs!

After eating Danny was feeling good enough for us to take a few minutes for thrift store visiting down the road. (I guess we really are addicted). I found a great Hawaiian shirt for my Cabana Threads store to take the place of the one that shipped that same morning.

It was so nice to be out of the house for a while. And all the snow was gone when we got back!