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25 January 2018

Wash Away Woes

Tuesday our new Maytag dishwasher arrived. We had our old one for 25 years. It was still working good but Hubster just couldn't fix a leak that developed in corner of the door. We first noticed it right before Thanksgiving and he gave it all his mechanic skill and then some (like watching YouTube videos on fixing) all to no avail. We finally thought enough is enough and broke out the wallet.

Of course in 25 years they just don't make them the same way (no, why would you keep something that works for 25 years the same)? It's like 1/8 inch wider so now we have to shave out the opening in the cabinets to get it pushed back enough. Great. There is now some stupid adapter to contend with on the water hookup whereas the old one just connected straight in. And I'm told there is something about having a vent in the instructions, which we never had before and really weren't planning to add. I have no idea how that will turn out.

So far I'm wondering if I'll ever really see the dishwasher work. I washed today's dishes by hand (again). I'm not really complaining. I've washed dishes since I was old enough to stand on a stool. Like when you're riding the lawn mower you get a lot of thinking done while washing dishes.

To add insult to injury while perusing under the cupboards with his little flashlight he discovered that a line under the main kitchen sink is leaking. It must have just started because the plastic wash pan stored there had hardly any water in it. Luckily we had a wash pan under there to start with, right? A good reminder to count your blessings where you find them!