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20 March 2018

A Moment in Time

Today is such a blah day. It's rainy and nasty outside, it's dark and quiet inside. We did have a pretty good weekend though. My daughters were both around to help celebrate my brother's birthday (which was last week). The whole family went to Blue Pete's for supper on Sunday night, including my father-in-law. Melissa and her husband didn't go back to Florida until Monday afternoon so I guess that made for an extended weekend.

We didn't really talk about it much, but while we celebrated and enjoyed being together as a family we also remembered how things were 4 years ago on March 19 when we spent the entire day in the hospital waiting for Jesus to take Daddy home. It seemed like the longest day in my life.

One of my few photos with both dad and brother
I have to be careful not to let sadness take me over, instead choosing to focus on the knowledge that Dad is indeed with Jesus and other family members who went before him. I know that Heaven is real, that Jesus is real, all of that. I know there should be no mourning when a loved one leaves us; only happiness and congratulations for the ultimate graduation. But we are so selfish and really just sad for ourselves that we don't have them around us for a while. I gotta say I don't know how people who don't believe in Jesus get through things like this.

So our family gathered for a celebration and it was good to be together. It's good to cherish the moments of opportunity we have to be family. Enjoy your time together when you can while you can.