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13 March 2018

Winter Reading

I like to read. I like to read real books, and not on electronic devices. I like to hold my book in my hands, feel the smooth pages, become part of the story.
Some of my winter books ready to be recycled.
I used to own a lot of books. I still do but most are not story books. My shelves hold genealogy books, craft books, ande a few worn favorites from childhood. I've thinned them out, but still have some good gardening and flower and tree identification books as well as bird-watching books. I also have more than my share of Bibles in different versions along with a few resource Bible books.

My get-away-from-it-all books are historical romance books. I never read modern ones with phones or cars, preferring the long-ago times of vikings, pirates, cowboys, and Victorian balls.

I now get my books from the thrift stores, usually for 99¢ or less. When I finish reading I take them back to be recycled once again.

People don't read enough anymore. You can tell by the terrible grammar used online. It's sad. It's like they don't miss what they've never had. I am ever grateful that my mom instilled in me a deep love of reading. It's the gift that keeps on giving!