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29 March 2018

Gone In a Flash

Last Christmas we gave a gift card to the Green Flash Brewery on General Booth Blvd. to my daughter's friend. That sounds like a long time ago but it was really only about 100 days past.

Last week it was announced that they were selling the building. I quickly let my daughter know they needed to get over there before everything closed. Little did I know I was too late. With little fanfare they closed the building and everything in it, leaving just a piece of paper on the gates for people returning kegs to email Dave. Really? That's it?

They just opened in November 2016. Why are they closing already? It's only been a year!

You know, in December they probably knew they were getting ready to do something. So why be taking good money for gift cards to a place that will cease to exist in a matter of weeks?! By January they were in negotiations with new investors. and talking about streamlining marketing. Then on March 26 they released a statement about closing the Virginia Beach location and focusing on California (home offices) and their new place in (of all places) Nebraska.

She emailed ol' Dave and I messaged the home office via Facebook. Their response: visit the online store. Now who in their right mind wants to buy a stupid shirt or cozy or bottle opener with their lame logo on it? Not quite the same as the craft beer we were hoping for. I think we got screwed... no, I know we got screwed. So pissed.

They were a flash alright! Not in a good way.