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24 May 2018

No More Reading in the Bathroom

I am cured of reading in the bathroom. Quick trips from now on. Upon waking this morning I did what most folks do - headed to the bathroom. I quietly closed the door and turned on the light (something I don’t always do). This was as far as my normal day went. What is in the water? It is a TAIL and OMG it’s attached to something living!

I’ll be forever grateful that my eyes were open good before sitting down. There was a “huge” mouse in my toilet this morning! Of course I woke Danny regardless of the early hour. Funny thing is that, when he woke up I just stood there speechless. I couldn’t form the words because I thought I must be mistaken, surely it was a mistake. He looked at me like I was crazy when I finally relayed my request for a hero in blatant disbelief.

I had no idea what would happen but watched in dubious dismay as he hit the flusher. Several times.

We have no idea how this happened. Did it come through the plumbing? Fall in trying to get water? I get freaked out just thinking it could possibly happen again. And after looking it up online (after the fact) I find that could be very possible. Please God, say it ain’t so!

When all was said and done Danny summed it all up by saying “the cat is not doing his job.” Uh, we don’t have a cat, but perhaps we need one.