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22 May 2018

Well, Then

It's been a crazy couple of weeks. Danny's hand is improving slowly but surely and soon he'll be able to tackle the stomach problems that have been bothering him since before the hand became a priority. Meanwhile I had a colonoscopy that was a year over-due.

What is the worse thing you can hear while prepping for a colonoscopy? No, not yourself LoL! That a water pipe has broken!! Yep, that happened, which kinda freaked me out. Luckily after a short while we were able to cut the water back on and shut off just the hot water. No worries about that! But we did have to have an extra set of hands to help make repairs since Danny's hand was (and is) out of commission. Everything from the house plumbing to personal plumbing is working perfectly now, thank you!

During all these trials we have had a silver lining outdoors. A family of foxes are living in the edge of the woods, just over the ditch between my and my brother's house. We've been able to watch them from the deck, playing and leaping about like little kittens. The mother seemed to be very poorly, much too thin and was limping on an injured front foot. I figured she was having trouble hunting for her brood and what she did find she gave to her little ones. So we've been putting out some additional food from time to time.

We set out the game camera and were able to get a couple of shots with the mother and all four of her offspring.

Because Danny hasn't been able to cut the grass in a timely manner we now have "fields" of clover. This morning we had a big fat rabbit chowing down right in the middle of the back yard. I wonder how long he's going to last with five foxes next door?!