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14 June 2018

This That and Blast From the Past

First it was the mice, then it was the foxes, now it's the groundhog, and a baby one at that. He likes to hang around in front of the shop and grace like a miniature cow. I have only seen him from a window and have yet to get a photo, but the game camera should do nicely for that.

Meanwhile Danny is finally finished going through the shop and pulling items for our yard sale. Having his recent hand infection delayed his progress (he is healing nicely, thank you). I've been getting things ready from the house, including items from my online thrift store. Most of the house items have been stored in the garage. I try not to look around too much when I'm passing through - all that stuff sitting there makes me crazy! I'll be glad when it's gone and I can close that chapter of my life for good.

My Cabana Threads Hawaiian shirts are still being sold on eBay and have done very well over the last year (I reopened on eBay last June after hosting elsewhere for several years). You can follow us on Facebook to see the latest listings. I am thinking of dropping the ladies clothes and keeping life simple again.

Yesterday I was going through a drawer (for the yard sale) and came across a little Valentine card from my grandmother (my Dad's mom). I don't remember this card at all so I'm chalking it up to a wonderful discovery. She passed in 1988 so I know the card is at least that old. I don't know if it was sent to me or to one of my girls who were both born in the early 1980s. Perhaps one of them will remember if they've seen it before. Either way, I always cherish finding personal items (including signatures) from people I have loved in the past.

I thought I might get a clue to the age by googling online. I didn't find the age, but several results came up for "Trix elephant valentine" Who knew?!