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21 June 2018

Maintaining Cool

One of these days my real summer will start. So far it's been one dramatic event after another. Danny's hand is now doing nicely after his week in the hospital. During that week he was scheduled for a CT-Scan which we had to cancel. He finally got that done and was able to scheduled an appointment with another surgeon to fix multiple hernias that were side-lined during the other crisis. He gets surgery #2 next week.

Meanwhile, on Father's Day, after having a nice lunch with my father-in-law we returned home to find that one of our little dogs was indeed ill (we knew he hadn't been feeling well). Toby was going downhill fast; lethargic, not eating or drinking.  Danny slept on an air mattress in the living room that night, getting up with him every 30-40 minutes to go outdoors. On Monday morning we left early, heading to the vet. After exam and labs we returned home, $300 lighter and armed with antibiotics and nausea pills to gingerly care for our little munchkin. He's slowly doing better now although still sluggish and eating and drinking the minimum. I think he had some kind of bacteria in his gut.

Once I can get everyone well and stabilized around here I'm going to take a vacation and get out of Dodge for a while!

Other than that I've been reading, working on church stuff, crocheting a bit, and trying to keep cool (both physically and mentally). That impending yard sale that's been years in the making , that we'd thought to have this weekend, is on indefinite hold now. I could care less.

Good health is nothing to sneeze at. It's of the most importance for everyone.