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23 December 2018

Stress Gives Way to Jesus

Well, it was a struggle sometimes, and often very stressful but I made it. Today the choir sang their big Christmas piece with me directing and I must say I'm glad this hurdle is now a memory. I enjoyed working with everyone and love singing. But all the planning and practicing at church and going over every detail at home.... Whew! But I know it's worth everything we went through to get to today.

But alas... I pulled my back last week doing something stupid and it just made the last week a whole lot tougher. So much that  I posted on Facebook and prayer warriors helped me though it. God is so good and I am so blessed to know so many people who believe!

The choir sounded great this morning, even though we had a couple of "spots" that weren't perfectly on point. I kept smiling inside while we were singing, thinking "God is answering my prayers" that I'd said at home before church. Thinking that was just so cool, like watching a miracle unfolding before your eyes. It's crazy... I guess when we pray we should believe it will happen, even if it doesn't happen the way we envision it. But being aware of it happening how I'd hoped was super! Thank You Jesus, for answered prayers! I'm so grateful!

Today after church my girls and their guys went with us to a local steak house for lunch. When the girls were little we used to go out on Christmas Eve and get a steak dinner (our gift to ourselves), pick up pre-ordered ribs for Christmas Day dinner, and meander back home through neighborhoods looking at Christmas lights. This was our tradition! Now that everyone is grown I guess you could say we've edited the process a bit. So no lights or ribs for us today! We still had just as great a time as ever! Gosh! I love my kids!

Tomorrow for Christmas Eve Hubster and I will be at church for the candlelight service. I think this is the best part of celebrating Christmas.... that quiet slightly darkened sanctuary, thinking about what Christmas is really for and why we have it at all. Not about gifts or dining or lights. It's just Jesus and why He came like He did, for all us sinners. That's really the miracle unfolding in front of us every day!

Merry Christmas to one and all! May your 2019 be blessed!