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05 August 2019

From A Stupefied State

Sometimes I think my head will spin! It hasn't helped being on Prednisone recently. That stuff makes you feel like you're in the o-zone, as in out-of-it zone! I would sit around stupefied, not getting much done, even feeling like thinking was too much effort. I' finished it now. They were supposed to help my knee swelling, but I'm not too sure it helped much.

I been working on some genealogy for a neighbor recently during my "rest" time. Now I'm back to working on my SIL's family tree again. Sometimes you can take a short break and come back to things and the roadblocks aren't so big. Things are going nicely now and I think everyone will be happy with the results they get.

Church is getting close to the end of its year. There are meetings and agendas, plans still ongoing to make sure I have all my i's dotted and t's crossed. I have noticed a couple of very small things that slipped past me. I forgot to change Next Sunday to This Sunday for an event that happened yesterday from the previous week's bulletin announcement. NBD... I doubt many even looked at it and I made a verbal correction from the piano stool.

On my bright side the other day I enjoyed the first chocolate shake that I've had in years. OMG! That was sooo good! Obviously I don't do that too often. I tend to think of it as a reward for getting through the week, the month, the year(s).

I'm loving the cooler weather now. I noticed this morning that a young Rose-of-Sharon has bloomed. It's only about 2 feet high but has a lovely white flower with red throat... my favorite colors!

I think we've conquered the tomato horn worms now. Gosh, the tomato plants look terrible, but they are still putting out a few tomatoes so I guess I'll hold off on yanking them up.

On the other hand we've never had better sage than we have now. It was from last year and died down to bare nothing.

I gotta say I just love the coleus most of all. It always puts on a great show. I guess I've found the perfect place for it. The yellow marigolds are finally having a good come out near the front door now. The orange ones not so much. Both are in a rock garden and it just got way too hot for them when the temps reached 100°. A few leftover I'd put in a couple of those long plastic trays were even worse. They dried out too fast and then got too much water when it rained.  I won't make that mistake again! None are photo worthy.

This week I sold a vintage Hawaiian shirt with a rare label for over $100! That was pretty awesome! These days it's hard to find any shirts at all at the thrift stores. Once they became a hot item it was game over. I'm glad we started collecting a couple of years before it became trendy. I'm even more glad now, after this last sale!

Life is too short to bewail the crappy stuff for too long. Just wake up and be glad you can take on the day, whatever it brings! Ask God to point out the special delights He has provided you. Sometimes we can't see if we don't really look.