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13 August 2019

They Stoop To Anything to Make a Buck

So imagine my surprise this morning to receive a phone call from my own number! Yep, I looked at the caller ID and apparently it was me calling me! Of course I HAD to answer to see if it sounded like me

Nope, I sounded like a man with a very foreign accent telling me that he was from some kind of tech support. I asked how he was calling me with my own number.  He continued to argue some nonsense with me that it provided the best security. Yeah, right! Imagine a scammer talking about security!! Finally he rudely hung up on me when I suggested he just go ahead and delete my number from all his databases. I mean, obviously he wasn’t ever going to get anywhere with this household so why hold on to the number?

Now do I block him? It was, after all my number! I ended up doing the block, reasoning that we would never call ourselves with our own number. Case closed.

Thought for the moment: Can you imagine how much better the world would be if scammers put their energy and resources into positive endeavors that helped people rather than hurt them?