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30 April 2017

Broken Illusion

Here I thought I was doing so well, the best patient ever, healing quickly like nobody's business! Then there was a flub-up with the refilling of my prescription. The delay caused me to run out of my main pain medication. That's when I discovered just how much pain was being masked by the little half-pill I was taking every 6 hours. The illusion was totally broken.

What a set back! I felt like I had relapsed to Week 1. Things were intense again and I was reduced to using the walker and two canes. Every step I took was hard to do. I had a wake-up call...big time!

I must interject here that the delay really was no one's fault. The pharmacy had faxed the refill request to my doctor's office (problem #1) the same day I took my empty bottle to them. The trouble was that the doctor assistant who ONLY works out of the hospital, was the one who had signed off on the original prescription when I left the hospital. After two days of waiting I called the Surgery Coordinator who said the Assistant would never have gotten the request that way and I'd  have been waiting forever! But said Coordinator got everything taken care of as quick as possible. Now the delay (problem #2) was that my doctor himself would have to authorize the refill and he was unavailable for two days while in surgery. Good Grief, Charlie Brown!!!

After almost a full week I finally got the calls I'd been waiting for on Friday morning. First a call from my doctor's office and then a call from my pharmacy saying the order was 'ready for pick-up.' We couldn't get there fast enough! Actually I had to wait at home while my husband went.

I'm being very careful now not to think too mightily of my capabilities now. I realize that not experiencing all the pain does not mean that I am well. I may be just a tad over-cautious not to bend, twist and pick up things I shouldn't. I certainly don't want to take a chance on having something go wrong that only surgery could fix!!!

It's hard though, especially when you think of yourself and strong and able. But Amazon Woman, I'm not. I'm still not back to where I was as my body gets reacquainted with the opioid medication again.

Maybe someday soon, huh?