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24 July 2017

It's Been Awesome

I can only say that after moving my store on eBay things have been just plain awesome! I've sold about 15 Hawaiian shirts since mid-June along with a few other items on the side. I've enjoyed a little 'negotiating' with folks making offers and I really find that rather fun. And to think I made 2 sales on eCrater, one in January and one in February and thought I was pretty lucky to get even that! It's too bad that eCrater has let itself slip into oblivion; I spent 8 years there and for 6 of those enjoyed good sales. The last 2 years I wasted, gasping for air like a fish out of water, waiting to be thrown back while waiting for a slow death. So I didn't quite reach that point (after all I did sell something there this year) but it was getting pretty close to nothing left. Anyway, I'm happy with the choices I've made and as I get more acclimated to the new ways of doing things I hope to have more success during the rest of this year.

I went to another follow-up with my back surgeon, who says I am doing very well (Thank you, Jesus), but I have to remind myself not to get too frisky just because I'm feeling better. There's still a lot of healing taking place internally, which will continue for up to 18 months. I only have about 14 months to go!

My church is gearing up for a new year starting in September. Folks are now volunteering for various jobs at church. I wish we had a few more piano players! And actually a drummer would be nice too. Our little group enjoys playing together each week. I sometimes look at it as therapy, just to get away a little while from all life's crazy moments and play a little music with like-minded friends.

I've always had a love of church music and especially hymns. I remember when we lived in the old 2-story farmhouse during winter I would go in the unheated room where the piano was, my coat, hat, and gloves on, to play from an old hymn book. I was somewhere between 7 and 11 years old and I'd yank my gloves off and play until I had to breath on my hands to warm them. There was this one song I played a million times, determined to conquer it -- "Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus" was different from the one we usually sing. This was a heavy, marching song with so many challenges for a little girl with little fingers that couldn't span an octave! Most hymns don't span octaves, but this one sure did!
(Luckily it's in my current hymn book so I can keep practicing)