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17 August 2017


I guess all that resolve I had to buckle down and post more consistently has gone out the window. Thinking about it does no good and I have many times over the last couple of weeks. I think perhaps it's because my life has been so mundane lately that there's really nothing to say. There have been no great events, no milestones, or superior accomplishments. But then again, has there ever been?

Right now I get up in the mornings and work on my Hawaiian shirt store. When my dogs start starring at me I take them outside and do my therapy exercises while they do their thing. Usually by lunch time I cut off my computer and move to the living room, where I eat lunch from a TV tray and watch court TV and then crochet the afternoon away. (It's been a real struggle to downsize from my former 14 hour shifts at the computer when I was in hard-core genealogist mode to just 6 or less).

Throw in a couple of doctor appointments just for good measure too! There's always something hurting, something that needs fixed.

Over the last couple of weeks I made 20 more crochet hats for babies to add to the pile from the Crochet Club. We delivered 126 hats yesterday morning for distribution at local hospitals. Most of these hats were for moms who lose their child. They are memorial hats; unfortunately I know they will be used and cherished. I'm glad I'm able to make something, small as it is, to help them through their tragedies.

This week the TV has been full of tragedy. I'm watching my country disintegrate before my eyes. As a former member of the United Daughters of the Confederacy I have a deep respect for the people who did at the time what they thought was right. Granted it turned out to be wrong, but it doesn't change the fact that my ancestors and others who participated were brave souls to go into the kind of battles that ruled the countryside in those days. With that said, I've now reached a point where I think monuments and history of the era should be placed in museums or as my cousin suggested, moved to preserved historic battlefield parks where people who wish to study history, good and bad, can still see what it was about if they so choose. I don't think it needs to be flaunted in public in this day and age, but simply collected and saved as part of the distant past that it is. It is no longer relevant to the 21st century but is just what it is - a reminder of what once was.

We cannot erase or change history. It's done. But reflections and actions spent today, dwelling on that past creates the new history of today that our children's children's children will remember of how we acted now. Will today's history be any better based on what I'm seeing on my television??