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10 September 2017

Joy To Come

I've been out of commission again because I had knee surgery last week. Granted, it wasn't as bad as my back surgery in March, but adding an additional set of aches and pains hasn't helped. All in all, I've done pretty good, but it's been hard to use crutches for my knee when it pulls on my back which is still in the healing process too. Friday I saw my surgeon in my first follow-up who said I was doing great. Funny, I don't feel so great.

The timing to miss church again could have been better. I didn't think of stuff like that so much when scheduling. September starts a new church year so things are in transition. Not being there to input on some things caused a few moments of stress and even a desire to" toss in the towel" but God has a way of working things out in the long run. The first Sunday I missed God sent me an answer to prayer when my dear friend Andrew messaged to say he'd be in town and did I need any help. OMG Yes -- you can play the piano for me! Andrew plays circles around me any time and every time, but it was so sweet for him to offer and for God to arrange everything like He did! I know my church was blessed to have Andrew play instead of me!

Last night I did a test by going to church for a short music rehearsal. I can only say it was painful physically, but nice to be back otherwise. But it told me that I was getting too antsy about getting out again too quickly. Today I had to take a pain pill and missed church services, the deacon ordination and the annual church picnic. Talk about a bummer!

So many times lately I have thought of the line in the Bible about a "woman in travail." It shows up 13 times not counting several variations that appear. It is symbolic of going through difficult times and seeing a joyful result in the end. I feel like that woman and, like her, I hope that soon there will be joy at the end of all this pain and frustration and a new beginning for a better life to come.