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23 September 2017

Ugh! Reset!

Two weeks ago I discovered I'd been missing a critical update to Windows which left my computer vulnerable. It had been trying to update since July according to the string of failed notices. (This was during my recovery from surgery so I don't feel so bad for not having noticed sooner).

I researched for well over a week, finding I was not alone in this issue.  I tried every remedy suggested, but finally gave up and hit the reset button. While it saved all my personal files it deleted every app and program that I had ever added. Good grief.

This has been a sad time but also a time of refreshment. With a new Windows 10 in place I have a clean slate to work with. It was hard at first but I've held myself back from jumping head-long into reinstalling the missing programs. I've been doing so on an 'as needed' basis and find I really don't need everything I had before.

Of course the first thing I did was run the nasty updates and am happy to say that even the belligerent one was installed! I already had great backups online at two different sites (no, nothing you've probably heard of - I like lesser known sites). I also had the list provided for me with everything that was removed.

I was able to reinstall one of my favorite programs that quit working about the same time these updates quit. (Hmmm... connection mabye)? My computer is also running faster without the extra clutter and I'm starting to (almost) wish I'd done this sooner!