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01 February 2018

Boomers in Flowers

I am starting to believe that male baby boomers are having a fashion world mid-life crisis these days. It seems like everywhere you look you'll find a boomer in a Hawaiian shirt. And to think that it wasn’t so long ago that men wearing flowers was practically unheard of, unless they were on a cruise! No way would you have caught Mr. Macho wearing big bright red and orange flowers and I've even seen them at Home Depot! ;)

Since Danny fell in love with them I cannot tell you how many Hawaiian shirts he has now. The last time we 'purged' his closet he took out 50. I've been selling them in my CabanaThreads store since 2008. The colors and patterns are just so cool! Stop by and see what I mean. We have a wide range of prices, some are vintage, some are new. They're all in excellent condition! You know it’s always summer somewhere – you gotta be ready!

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