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01 March 2018

I Love Puzzles

The puzzle program I use on my IPad is really cool, with a scrolling sidebar full of individual pieces to the puzzle. All I have to do was drag a piece over to the ‘board.’ Next to this scrolling conveyor belt is a vertical ad box. It doen’t bother anything unless I accidentally touch one of the ads. Then they open up in another screen; I click ‘done’ or an X and it goes back to my puzzle.

Today I accidentally hit an ad for a pizza place. I think the X to close is a broken link. I can’t get the ad to close. I can still hear the puzzle background music, but what a bummer to not be able to go back to my puzzle!

So I remembered that a few years ago I used to make my own puzzles from uploaded photos on so I went to see if they were still there. Yes! So just for fun I have added a puzzle of some birthday roses I received one year.