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07 March 2018

There’s Therapy and Then There’s Therapy

I changed my physical therapy center a couple of weeks ago and couldn’t be happier. The focus has switched from releasing scar tissue resulting from knee surgery to working on knotted and long under-used muscles above, below, and behind my knee. On my own at home I am trying to use the same techniques on my other leg. I am seeing a lot of improvement but it is inconsistent so far with some days better than others. But my worse days now are much better than my former good days.

I had my 2nd Christmas gift massage today with a different massage therapist. I think it went much better than 2 weeks ago, probably just deeper pressure. But still I haven’t found someone who equals Christine who used to work at Reed Manning. I used to see her every week for over 2 years. I miss her skills and her friendship. We had gotten so close than when she quit working there she called me from the parking lot to tell me she had just left. She decided she was going to go back to college full time. I was happy for her, but needless to say I ended up quite spoiled.

The hunt is still on for massage needs but I am sure I’ve found the right place for future PT.