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12 May 2018

Quick And A Bit Painful

This week has been so crazy. Over the weekend Danny mashed a little 'knot' that was under the skin in his palm, apparently exploding what was encapsulated to the inside of his hand. His hand quickly starting swelling enough for me to be concerned on Sunday morning. By Sunday afternoon he had red streaks almost to his elbow indicating that infection was moving quickly (see surgeon marks in the "before" photo).

Luckily our PCP opened at 7am so an early call got us on their schedule by 8:15am. After labs, an x-ray, and after a brief evaluation we were immediately sent to a hand surgeon. He said "I can work you in for surgery tonight about midnight or can schedule you Tuesday morning.

We took the rest of the day to collect our thoughts, clear our calendar and pick up a few supplies we'd planned to shop for during that week. Everything was coming in a rush. We arrived at the hospital before 6am on Tuesday; so in less than 24 hours from our primary care doctor appointment he was already in surgery!

They had to grow cultures to discover the cause to know which antibiotic to use. By Thursday they finally had answers and switched him from generic antibiotic IV to pill antibiotics so he could begin the process to come home. Friday morning they wheeled him out to the car and headed home.

I'm still amazed at how fast this all transpired. I'm most grateful to God for putting the right people in the right places at the right time. See, it wasn't that long ago we changed to our PCP from one who didn't open early and actually closed some days. The recommended surgeon was not available, but the one we got was excellent and quickly put us at ease during an overwhelming time. I can't stress enough how God brought all things together for good (Romans 8:28) right when we needed Him most.

Danny is doing better after a good night's sleep. The antibiotics are messing with his stomach a bit, but what is that in comparison? He'll be fine before long and once again complaining about summer grass cutting, which will be music to my ears!