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20 April 2018

May Apples Are Coming

I love the May Apples in spring time. They used to grow just along the edge of our woods path.

Our woods has been in evolution since September 2003 when Hurricane Isabel hit us. So much was devestated that we had to hire loggers to remove everything that could be salvaged. The trees and vines that grew back were very thick and close together because they were getting sunlight. Over time the sun dwindled and taller trees excelled while lower plants declined.

Now, the trees have thinned and you can see into the woods and sunlight is peeking through again. I was so amazed at how much the May Apples have spread! Alas, the cold weather (isn't it crazy?) has kept the blossoms at bay, but slowly they are starting to bloom.

On my golf cart drive in the woods last Saturday the leaves were droopy, waiting for rain. Today they are strong and revived from recent rain and the blossoms are popping out everywhere! Next week should be awesome! I can't wait!