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03 July 2018

Blame It On The Moon

This has been another rough week. Danny had surgery last Thursday, getting 3 hernias repaired at one time. He’s now recovering nicely. Both dogs are now feeling good too so that just leaves me with leftover health issues. I am still struggling to get over twisting my back 10 days ago, but am making progress each day. I think once I get through this I am going to see about getting some strengthening back therapy, which I’ve never had since having back surgery over a year ago. Perhaps this could have been avoided if I’d had therapy sooner.

Beside pain each of us was dealing with and super hot temperatures outdoors, another thing that didn’t help matters was the full moon around June 28. With feelings walking a fine line, things weren’t always rosy last week. Now we know why.

My lightbulb started going off as I began noticing a trend a few months ago, gradually putting 2 and 2 together. Things would go well at home with everyone relatively happy and suddenly the botttom would fall out. Petty arguments and hurt feelings prevailed leaving us both baffled. Luckily it was always a temporary affliction and we’d get through the set-backs fairly quickly. After a while I mentioned my curious thoughts of a moon connection to Danny, so together we have been watching for a correlation between the moon and a tendency for arguments debates to become a bit more “heightened.” It seems to happen right before the full moon and dissipates within a day or so, with life returning to normal. We thought we were crazy but after tracking emotional exchanges a while we’re pretty sure we’re on to something. And now that we know better we can do better!

I know it sounds bizarre, but I share this because maybe someone else has had the same thing happen and just didn’t realize the moon could be an influence at home. Everybody knows the moon affects tides, births increase, and crimes go up during full moons. Why not arguments at home?