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26 August 2018

Still It's Just A Hamburger Joint

Last week we decided to go to Red Robin. Hubster wanted a hamburger. We only go there about once every few years and each time we're reminded of why we don't go there more often (besides the ridiculous high prices). They did not disappoint this year either.

Before we could even get in we were repelled by the two smoke stands on either side of the front doors. They weren't the large ones with sand like most places use. No, these had to be pretty in matching red, kind of U-shaped and looked capable of holding about a two cups of cigarette butts. Of course, people will be stupid and/or lazy and both of these units were crammed with small trash bags and plastic bottles as well as overflowing butts in each. They almost matched! (The photos were taken on our way out so some trash had been removed).
It was so disgusting! We told the greeter who "finally" showed up to seat us that they might want to take a moment to empty them. This poor child must have been nervous or immature because she babbled like a 6 year old school girl, saying she'd told someone to clean them the previous night but guess they hadn't. Really, ya think?! I kept thinking "So why didn't You do it, especially since you have guests coming in?"

She seats us and we're tucked in a booth along one wall of the front room. There's about 8 tables with chairs between the booths and the large divider bar in the center of the room. On the other side of the bar is another room with more seating. People are clearly all over the building and it's not crowded by any means.

Along the wall next to ours (the L-shape) are more tables, each with two chairs on a raised dais. There is one man sitting at the end table. Another man comes in and seats himself in the far booth from us (I guess "Babs" was still slack on greeting people). A few minutes later Babs comes and tells him he has to move or they will get in trouble for him sitting there. He is clearly upset saying "it's ridiculous that I can't have a booth." Before he can get seated "Babs" returns with two ladies who take up the now vacated booth.

Now I could see them needing to require two people per booth if they were busy, but this is 1:30 in the afternoon. There is no crowd banging to get in there, there is plenty of seating all over the place and the guy just wants to sit in a quiet area and not on display. He was asking for a manager but I never saw one show up before we left.

Those were the two biggies. But let's not forget the filthy floors and the nasty walls and windows with food splashed on them either. It just added so much to the ambiance!

No thank you. I don't care how great your expensive burgers are we will not be returning.  Plus Hubster said the mushroom-Swiss burger is much better at Hardees!