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20 September 2018

The Upside And Downside

We recently finished up therapy, Hubster for his shoulder, me for my lower back. I'm a bit disappointed because there was a miscommunication of what my needs were and what actually was done. When you start they give you a form to fill out, including your goals. I want to strengthen my back, walk farther, and be able to go up and down stairs like a normal person (instead of 2 feet on 1 step). This was all relative to the major issue I was having in my lower right back. I think because my regular therapist was out a couple of days the focus switched to just meeting those goals. My lower back is still crappy.

Twice when I asked for copies of my therapy exercises they gave me copies of Hubster's instead. Thanks for nothing... my shoulder is fine. I finally got them and am trying to continue at home.

I told Hubster it's up to us to figure it out so I've been googling a bunch. A couple of nights ago we slept in the guest house on the lumbar support mattress we had made a few years ago. I wanted to see if it made a difference from our hard waterbed. It didn't and at least the waterbed is heated so I'm content to be a waterbed baby.

We also went for massages. They'd been scheduled a while ago. Hubster stood right by me when I made the appointments and was asked up front if he had a problem using Mike. He said no problem until the morning of the appointments. He said he must not have heard that part but there was no way a guy was giving him a massage. It was too late to reschedule without a fee so I ended up swapping with him and he had my girl. I had Mike. It was my first time with a guy.

It was a blessing in disguise! I think it was the best massage I've ever had because Mike could press harder and really worked the muscles more than the ladies do. I was also very impressed with the continuing interview he had to determine things of my daily life; even down to where my arm was when I slept on my side! I don't think anyone else has ever asked that. Mike looked at it in terms of being part of my professional medical team. He concluded he didn't feel anything of great issue with the lower back except that it was so extremely tight and that was ultimately fixable. I have hope again!

Don't get me wrong... this was not a sleepy-time relaxing massage, but a true workout, sometimes painful as the knots in my back and legs were worked out. My knee pain is also much better to the point that yesterday I was able to walk to the mailbox and back, quite a lot when you consider how long my driveway is! It's been a real long time since I've done that!

Tomorrow I see my chiropractor for the first time since July. I'm anxious to get her take on how things have played out.

Well, really I have to remember that I've been oh so much worse and things could get worse. My other knee is moving and clicking but I'm holding my breath on that for the time being. I will do what I can to keep moving forward and be the best that I can with what I have to work with. I'm not in a wheelchair and have so much to be grateful for. I thank God everyday for His healing.