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23 September 2018

Blocks From A Grandma

Quite some time ago a young lady I had known from another church gave me a box of crocheted blocks that her grandmother had made but never put together. The girl, now grown, had seen me crocheting in the waiting room of the office where she was a receptionist. She asked if I'd like to have her grandmother's box of blocks and I asked if she was sure she wouldn't rather keep them. After she assured me that no one in her family cared or wanted them I said I would take them rather than see them go to the thrift store. My hope was to fix them and share with someone.

Last week I started putting the blocks together. I purposely chose a set of 30 blocks that didn't have a lot of fru-fru on them, just to see how I would do. The green variegated blocks were perfect, although some didn't have an extra border that others had. I guess Grandma just missed a few!

It will be interesting to see how the blocks grow into actual blankets! That Grandma was  quite talented and I plan to take a few of the more elaborate block blankets back to the family. As I told the girl, even if she or her children weren't interested now, someday there could be future grandchildren who would love to have something special from great-great grandma! They wouldn't even have to know that I helped!