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08 November 2018

Cox Has Our Frustration And Anger

We have been dealing with trying to get our yard fixed since July 26 when a Cox truck got stuck in our yard. They were supposed to call before they came to fix our cable, but they didn’t. If they had we would have told them to turn around instead of backing.

So they finally sent someone, after many phone calls, to fill in the long trench they dug out. They added soil, smoothed it out and planted grass seed. Sounds good, right? Except it wasn’t grass seed! It was weeds! Hog Weed and Wild Mustard for the most part.


Getting them to return has been a nightmare! No one returns calls except a lady the Danny found in the Atlanta office! I can't tell you how many days we've spent waiting for call backs from local contractors, sub-contractors, Cox supervisors, even the Cox tech who backed the truck up and started the whole mess! I’m afraid it is fast approaching to the point that we will be contacting a lawyer and see if he can get this resolved.

Meanwhile, I pick mustard blossoms to prevent this invasive plant from spreading to the rest of my yard and hope they get this fixed before the Hog Weeds get large!
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