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28 January 2019

Confusing Challenge

I've been working on my puzzle, committed to not cheating by looking at the picture on the box. Luckily, I like a good challenge. This has been one of the hardest puzzles ever (especially without using the picture as a guide). Here is my latest update:

Yes, those are cupcakes. And yes, that's a kitchen spatula on the right. It's been very helpful when attempting to move sections around!

I haven't been able to work at it very long at a time so it's a slow incremental process. It hurts my neck looking down. I can't sit down to work either because it's easier to see standing up.

I don't like projects that take six months. I've gotta move on so I'm hopeful to get it finished this week even though it looks like a lot left to do. All that pink is driving me crazy... it's everywhere!

Maybe I'll get a nice outdoor scene next time. Probably not - that would seem tame after this. Gosh, could you imagine doing a Where's Waldo puzzle!? On a whim I looked them up and no, but thanks anyway. Cupcakes are enough of a challenge!