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10 February 2019

A Lot of Birthday Fun

About a week ago we visited my daughter in Florida for my birthday. We decided to drive straight through rather than split the trip down, so we arrived about 8pm Friday evening, then sat up talking and just enjoying being together until after midnight. So fun!

Saturday we went to the local market event where Hubster bought me a sweet turquoise necklace for my birthday. The girl also made healing salves that are supposed to be good for sore muscles, arthritis, etc. so we got a jar of that. Not like I don’t have plenty of opportunities to use that kind of stuff! That evening my daughter’s in-laws came over and we all had a scrumptious dinner made by my terrific son-in-law.

Sunday we drove out to a seashore park and visited several neat sights in the park, including a vintage house on the water. After resting on the porch we came back and had a terrific lunch on the kids’ 1910 home’s side porch which was so cool and relaxing. It was extra neat because their new neighbor walked over to introduce himself. We enjoyed hearing his stories. Sunday was also Super Bowl day. We all went to the in-laws’ home for their traditional get-together to watch the Super Bowl. So much food!!! We all know how the Super Bowl game turned out this year... but we had a lot of fun making comments like Mystery Science Theater, and hooting and hollering. We also had carrot cake for my birthday as well as my all-time favorite - handcrafted chocolate cheesecake made by my daughter’s MIL.

Monday was actually my birthday. My son-in-law had to work so Daughter took us to a nearby historic town where we walked around and visited a lot of quaint little shops. Later we just spent the day chilling until my son-in-law got back home from work. The kids took us out for a wonderful evening with dinner by the water at a terrific seafood restaurant! It was such a great time!!

Now for the crazy part. We were ready to leave early Tuesday morning. Everything was packed so I grab two pillows I’d brought and one little travel case and head down stairs. I look over the rail into the living room and the bottom fell out. I flew over the two last steps, landing at the front door. Stunned I quickly discovered nothing broken. I’d hit my head on the front door, my ankle hurt, but my back seemed ok and my metal hips were still intact, my elbow was already bruising. My daughter quickly came to help me up, which was like rolling the titanic over! I crawled back to the stairs to get on my feet and started laughing over how stupid it was to fall down steps.

On the long drive home various pains started kicking in. By the time we got home 11 hours later I was stiff and very sore. I am so grateful to God for cushioning me with those little pillows. Any number of serious things could have resulted, like a broken neck or my back where I had surgery. If I had popped a hip out of joint I wouldn’t have been able to come home. Or I could have even died. I feel like I had a wake up call. I’m just glad it wasn’t a more serious call! I must say that jar of salve has been quite handy lately!

I had plenty of time to think about how quickly things changed in the moment I fell down stairs. It reminded me that in the blink of an eye your life can change or even end before you can realize what is happening. Get right with God now while you have time to think about it, then stay right with God because you’ll never know when you might next be facing Him.