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15 January 2019


We've spent this past week waiting for a snow storm that never quite got here. It's been cold, no doubt and it definitely feels like winter, but living in a safe zone means that there's almost like a hedge around us. Bad weather seems to go above and below us. We are so blessed because of this. As much as I'd like to see some snow, we don't have to deal with driving on icy roads, cranking up the heat in the house, or hoping an ice storm causes power outages. My prayers go to those who have to deal with these conditions.

So I'm still working on my puzzle that I started 10 days ago. It's going to take a while to finish this one. First, because it's harder than I'd anticipated because so much of is identical in several places, and secondly, because I can't lean over to work on it very long because it makes my back hurt. So I'll work a little while and then run over to my chair with the heating pad on to recuperate.

During the sitting parts I've been crocheting baby hats for the hospital. I've been trying to downsize my stock of yarn. Baby hats takes care of the thin yarn. I thought I was almost done but found a large bag from the thrift store of nothing but pink baby yarn so I guess I'll be a while longer. Maybe girls will be prolific in the near future!

I started going to the after-care program at my last therapy center. I've been a couple of times but already I find I have to make myself go. I'm wondering if I'm making some things worse. I'm having a lot more issues with my knee that I had surgery on in August.  Getting more exercise is a good thing but maybe I'm just supposed to move around more rather than push and pull on things. I'm hoping the 21 days to make a habit will kick in and I won't have to go there to do stuff. I've already moved my "horse" into the house from the garage. I really like using that. We bought that years ago on sale at Roses. I've called it a horse for so long I don't know what they are really called anymore.

If I had my way all the exercise equipment would be in the living room. I mean, your home is supposed to support the way you live rather than being a showcase for company who hardly ever come over anyway, right? We both should be exercising more and having easy access would make things ever so nice! I'm gonna ponder on this idea a bit more. You never know, it might be the best decision I ever made! ;)