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08 January 2019

Face Forward

Happy New Year! Hopefully your year is off to a great start. My Christmas gear was packed up so fast this season that  it already seems like a distant memory. It's kind of funny when you can still see decorations up at some folks' houses. To me, once it's done it's over and time to move on.

I have already been thinking about Easter choir music. Now that seems like a long way off but when you factor in rehearsal time it is just around the corner!  Other things at church have been going well thus far. I think the music & audio department will be getting a few upgrades that are long over-due. The Praise Team has been introducing new contemporary music to the congregation, which is always refreshing even while it is a bit challenging. No change- no progress, right?

The Crochet Club is gradually getting back into the swing of things as members finish up personal projects. We'd like a few more members but crocheting and looming usually finds a selective audience. At home I've started another lap blanket for church as well as continuing my work on baby hats for the hospital.

We'll be heading south again soon, this time to celebrate my birthday. I'm looking forward to it but at the same time a little worried because snow usually seems to hover around my special day. Hopefully it won't have a snowball's chance in Florida!

We finally made a new doctor selection so it should be interesting to see his take on how our previous doc looked (and treated) things. We are not planning to have anymore surgeries this year, unlike last year when Danny had two that we didn't see coming!

We continue to downsize our hoard (no, we're not really hoarders... I just call it that to help Hubster keep his thrift store finds in check) and if all goes well a yard sale in the Spring will push everything over the edge. Maybe 2019 will be the year I finally see the garage again! We've done closets, drawers, odds and ends that haven't seen daylight in years. Now I need to go back to nooks and crannies and double-check the attic again. They say if you haven 't used something in a couple of years you probably won't anytime soon. All the crapola you save 'in case' you might need it you should get rid of and then if you ever do need it go buy the little whatsit, use it, and dump that too.

Ah... the fresh feeling... don't you love it? New year, new focus, new you! Don't hold back. Face forward and embrace!