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25 February 2019

At the Start

What a way to start my new year! After a wonderful time in Florida I've been recuperating from that fall on the stairs and dealing with a sore throat that flipped into sinus/headaches. Much better now, I have a lingering dry cough but that's probably just the Tidewater Crud. You know what I mean if you live here. It stays for about 6 weeks, enough to be annoying. Guess it could be worse...

My dear friend has been dealing with cancer and I'm happy to think that surgery has been successful and everything will be fine once chemo is finished. Prayers can certainly go along way to aiding any doctor, so mine will continue until the final (positive) verdict is out.

Now that I'm better, this weekend my Florida gal came up and my family was able to finally celebrate my birthday (only 3 weeks late)! We had the most awesome time having lunch at my favorite Shiki, Sushi, and Hibachi restaurant.  I always have a great time at that place and the food is so good! Everyone came except my Florida son-in-law.

I'm looking forward to the church choir's Palm Sunday Easter musical. We chose "At the Cross," with some rather peppy songs included that tell the important story of how and why Jesus died for us. When I first heard the music I thought only about the ease or difficulty of the music itself, but as I learned the words the message became front and center. It actually moved me to tears! If that message reaches just one other person it will all be worth the time and effort to pull this presentation together. I'm excited to see it happen!

I've begun doing my son-in-law's genealogy which has inspired me to get back into doing research again. It has been on my back-burner for a very long time. My enthusiasm went out the  door when a data merge went excruciatingly wrong. But the fact that I didn't catch it for several years sent me into a spiral. I couldn't even look at the files for over a year! Just trying to figure out how to tackle such a catastrophic amount of information, when each detail for almost 12,000 individuals needed to be check overwhelmed me. So a few years ago I simply started a list of errors. Each time I spotted something wrong it went on the Fix It list. One mistake usually leads to from five to over 100 other instances of a source file errors. I just hope I live long enough to get it all done!

I always seem to have a lot of irons in the fires, some at home, some at church, but as long as I stay organized it really doesn't take up a lot of time. I only get frenzied sometimes when multiple things are due the same week. Then I just calm myself, pray, and take one at a time; then everything somehow gets done. I enjoy everything I do, but some things I enjoy more than others. I like singing and working on the computer so those are really fun for me. I also take time to do puzzles and computer games, and read my romance novels to take my mind off everything for a while.

Speaking of puzzles I did manage to get my real puzzle completed right after I got back from Florida. I was kinda bummed that there was one piece missing. I marked it on the picture and put a note in the box before I donated the puzzle back to DAV so the next person would have a heads-up.

Well, back to the To-Do list and to see how my year plays out!