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12 March 2019

Springing Along

Finally a moment to spare. I don't know how my life gets so busy. I recently had a computer built at Providence Computers. I just couldn't find what I wanted on a shelf anywhere. I wanted more speed, more storage, more ports on the front instead of the back, and room for a pony 4-option smart card reader that would accommodate an old style card (luckily I had a new-in-box one they installed for me). The closest I could find ready made was a gaming computer, but most of those don't even have a DVD/CD drive or card reader and no place to put any.This past week I've been transferring data from my old computer to my new one.

It had been eight years since my last new computer and going through the transfer process so I also did a little purging and updating. I always love that 'fresh start' feeling! I'm almost finished but will keep the old system a bit longer for some comparison work before I let it go.

Meanwhile I've been concentrating on learning the new choir music. A director has to know the songs inside and out before the choir even meets to start rehearsals. I don't think I'll ever be as good as I think I should be, or wish I could be. But hopefully I can start and stop everyone at the same time and on time. I guess if the ship goes down we will be together! Because our choir is small I need to sing along... that's often difficult to sing alto, think melody, and wave my arms around in time to the music. I fear I look a wee bit spastic sometimes, but laughter is good medicine I guess... we'll have a good time if nothing else!

The daffodils are stunning along my woods edge. I'm amazed how many have spread inside the woods this year. When I took the dogs out this morning I spied a fox a little ways in; that just made everything glorious!

My father-in-law is on his way to Israel today. His first plane was over 4 hours leaving, then the next was 45 minutes late. I'm hopeful he'll get there. What a dream come true for our 95-year-old!! He's a doer, I'll say that!!

I'm trying to modify my eating habits and you know how that can make you cranky! I'm missing my ice cream and yogurt is just not cutting it. I don't have time for cranky, when I'm trying to also be ever mindful of my "spirit of peace." They just don't mix! On the plus side, increasing my exercise may get a bit easier now that the sun has finally decided to shine again! With my forced sedentary life style while in recovery mode over the last couple of years I'd say prayers of encouragement are definitely appreciated!