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02 April 2019

March Into April

So I've been slack on posting recently. But things have been really busy what with church events and home birthday celebrations. My kids came up from Florida recently and the family got together to do the birthday weekend deal for my brother last month. We had a great time at the FireBrew restaurant; deciding to meet for lunch instead of doing the usual dinner hour. It was wonderful, not busy at all and by the time we left we were the only ones there. We were missing my father-in-law and youngest daughter (who had to work).

When it comes to church the Easter season always has a lot of associated events. As secretary, music planner, choir director, bulletin and newsletter writer, website editor, and admin to several Facebook pages I like to keep ahead of everything, maintaining 3 calendars to do so. I been spending several hours a day learning the choir musical, I practice piano daily so I won't screw up too bad on Sunday mornings. When the lady who prints the bulletins was sick two weeks so we did all the printing, included extra fliers. Not easy when the paper crinkles because of the cold. (Someone turned the heat off in the copy room so that delayed everything while we waited for the room to warm up). It is all time consuming, but God gives me the wherewith all. I know it's sounds like I'm whining but I really do enjoy my jobs, but I will be glad when May arrives and things go back to normal.

Besides running my eBay store, for fun I read a lot of books. Real books, not eBooks. I like to read in the sun on the deck while the dogs play. I often get distracted by the cherry tree blossoms; at first just watching them pop out and now watching them snow down in the breezes. Then I end up praying a lot. I have lots to be grateful for.

I've almost finished with my latest crochet blanket. I needed to get it done before warm weather arrives - it's hard to do blankets when it's hot. With this one I had to think how to transition from doing a zig-zag brick pattern to a straight line border. I finally figured it out and everything worked well.

We finally got our new heat pump installed last week (the old AC quit in October). Today the tech came by to swap out the thermostat. There were lots of issues in online reviews with the original one they installed. Ours was already exhibiting those issues. Now Danny is happy again. ;)

So things seem to be a bit peaceful now. I like it!