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10 April 2019

April Books

I'm getting ready to donate my finished books again. I've really enjoyed this set and there was even one keeper, Mary Jo Putney's "One Perfect Rose." Lynsay Sands, "Lady Pirate" is still under debate. I am just finishing "A Loving Scoundrel" at the top. You can never go wrong with Johanna Lindsey! Although these are in no particular order I did notice that the top and bottom books are both about scoundrels, always a recipe for delightful romance.

As always, if anyone wants to borrow any of these, let me know before I donate them back to the thrift store. Be advised some are a little romantically racy in sections but usually with great story-lines.

I actually had most of these in a bag to give, sitting in the car in front of the store. "Hold on" I cried! "I haven't taken the picture yet!" So we brought them back home, donating some clothing instead.

Reading about Victorian romances, pirates and Scottish clans takes me to my relaxed place. Since there's nothing in these kinds of books that I can remotely relate to on a personal level... not even a phone or car... I can left my mind drift and the stresses of daily life take a back seat for a while. At 99¢ apiece, it's money well spent.