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21 August 2019

Car 54, Where Are You?

For the last few months I have been stalked by a number. At first it I thought it was just coincidence. But now it seems like everywhere I look I see the number 54. I see it on the clock all the time. I'll just happen to glance up at the clock and there it is 7:54, 10:54, 2:54... even if I wake up in the middle of the night... it's usually there! I've found it on receipts. For example, the receipt for our stay at the Jefferson Hotel in Richmond in July -  what was the total? $254! (I split the costs with a roomie). We stopped at Napa one day. While he went inside I noticed the license plate on a truck across from me -- it ended in 54. It's happened so much now that I'm starting to get a little freaked about it. I pulled out an old fast food receipt that had gotten pushed to the bottom of my purse the other day. Guess how much the change was? Yep,  54¢!

Yesterday I was watching the weather on TV as the storm was approaching. The man said it was cooling down where the storms had already been. You know it's been feeling like 100° lately. Imagine my surprise when a lone 54° showed up front and center on the screen. Later I was going to check a file through my cloud backup. I clicked on Documents and the number of  file folders showed up below the word Documents. Guess how many? 54.... How does that just happen to be the total?

So now I'm trying to figure out what it all might mean. Should I look for something significant from my 54th year? Perhaps two years after I was born, which was 1954? Back in the day my post office box at college had a 54 in it. I've rather thought it was a bit lucky for me. After all, in the days before computers, messengers, and Skype that cubbyhole of a box brought me letters from home which kept this lost little farm girl company on the booming campus of Madison. Getting mail was very lucky indeed and I was lucky to have a mom and grandmother who wrote faithfully every week. Yes, my mailbox number brought me luck and love when I needed it most.

I really doubt I'll get an answer to my question of why I see this number all the time. So I guess I'll just enjoy the mystery that comes with my version of Where's Waldo? while I can.

Oddly enough, I never really watched a lot of Car 54, Where Are You? either.